Monday, October 16, 2006

Well, this weekend went by way too fast. Here it is Monday, and I'm not ready!LOL My asthma is bothering me again today, so I'll probably take it easy but for the rest of the week, these are my goals.

Clean Laundry room-I've never had a laundry room and since it's in the house, I'd like to keep it neat. It has some shelving above the washer and dryer and I use for bulk items and cleaning supplies and it's gotten quite messy. Also, the trash can for the lint and other items I find in pockets hasn't been dumped ever and it's spilling over onto the floor.(How's that for real and gritty.LOL)

Check Hot Spots for build up. I've noticed that some of our more popular "spots" for setting things down have some build up. I'm going to concentrate on getting everything put away.

Wash everyone's bedding. Some people, who will remain nameless, have not brought me their bedding in a while so I figure I'll just do everyone. I finished all the regular laundary yesterday since we bought new clothes over the weekend and we needed them so I'll just use today as a catch up on bedding day.

Make yogurt. I have to admit that I've been buying it lately but one reason I bought the yogurt maker in the first place is that Publix runs out of the organic yogurt all the time and I wanted to have the ability to make it on those weeks and this is one of those weeks. I have some left and will make the new yogurt with it before it's used for bottles.

Put Isaac on the potty every diaper change during the day, for the whole week. I'm only looking for more chances for him to get the "point". If after the end of the week, he's starting to figure things out, then we'll try going bottom-less next week. If he doesn't go in the potty this week, then we'll continue what we're doing this week for a little while longer.

I'm also going to work on getting more activities put together for the little ones out of the books The Toddler's and Preschooler's Busy Books. I haven't been spending enough time getting these together and the littles really need it. They are always asking for more to do but I end up giving them the same stuff over and over and they are bored. Believe me, I can tell.LOL

I think that's it for the week! Today is going well so far. I reviewed the older kids work from last week and they both got a B on their Module tests for Biology and finished all their work. I'm proud of their hard work. We've made a lot of progress! I spent an hour going over what they did, grading, and scheduling out their work for this week. I also spent some time discussing the books that they read. I've also given both little ones a bath this morning and they've been taken for a walk. After that, I swept the back patio, straighten it up and I fixed lunch.LOL




De'Etta said...

Take care of yourself. YOu are doing an amzing job with your organizing and decluttering - but if you need to rest - do.

I'm enjoying following your potty training saga with Isaac.

The man who was going to look at my computer didn't come by tonight...sigh...but I may go buy Windows XP - count it all as a lost and try to install that myself....

Jodi said...

You come up with so many good ideas, I like the goals for the week.

I too have at least a couple nameless people here who never seem to think their bedding needs to be washed. And one who thinks his needs to be washed for one drop of water spilled on a top cover!

Lisa in Jax said...

LOL Thanks, Jodi! I'm just trying to get the most out of this whole blogging thing. It helps me keep focused on the things that really need to be done. I've got a busy day today, though. Need to tackle the laundary room and the yogurt today. Both will take some time.

It's amazing that they don't care for clean crisp sheets! I change mine weekly, sometimes more often if I've had a sandy kid in my bed. I couldn't imagine not wanting them I change the littles bedding weekly also but the older kids are on their own. They have to AT LEAST bring me