Monday, October 16, 2006

Here is a picture of my very first water lily flower! It bloomed this weekend and we were very surprised! I just figured that we wouldn't get any flowers and then here at the end of the season, it bloomed.LOL



Debbie said...

Oh, Lisa, I am so jealous. I had to pull all my water plants out before this weekend and put my water garden to bed for the winter. I do leave my lilies in there as the water is deep enough to keep them from freezing. I love the color of your lily...very lovely. A larger water garden in on my wish list, so I can have more lilies.

Lisa in Jax said...

I've never had a pond before. It's been quite an experience! I really like the look of the plants and that flower was a major bonus!lol I was sure I'd picked pink but maybe that's one of the It was so big! The picture doesn't do it justice but I really wanted to remember it.

Thanks for complement!

A question: how do you put your plants down for winter? I may need to at some point but really never gave it much thought.



De'Etta said...

Our little town has an "international Water Lily" collection. They are amazing. I should go see them now that the weather is cool....they may not be as spectacular but we won't get heat stroke while I take pictures....

I would love to have a pond with a water garden.....way to go Lisa.

QueenBee said...

We thought about putting in a pond when we started our landscaping, but we have too many messy trees around and I think it would be too much work to keep it up. If we get to FL again we'll have to come see your pond!

Jodi said...

Excellent! We placed one in our turtle tank in the hopes it would bloom but I think they munched on it too much!

Lisa in Jax said...

Well, I doubt you all would be very impressed with my pond as a It's just a little tiny thing but I'm still enjoying it. I doubt that I would've put in a pond but since it was here, I decided to dress it up. I was very blessed to find all my plants on clearance at Lowes. I only paid around $2 for each plant! It's been amazingly easy to take care of, I just need to refill it about every two weeks since it's been so


I saw your pictures and was hoping that mine would bloom like yours!lol


I think it would be hard if you have leaves falling into the pond. It would mess up the water and depending on the leaf, it may kill your water plants. I would go for an open spot if you decide on putting one in next summer.


QueenBee said...

We don't really have any open spots that don't have fallen leaves this time of the year. And, in the early summer our entire yard is covered with "white" and it's not snow (LOL)... it's cotton and it's STICKY and hard to clean up! We've decided a pond is out of the question, however, we may go for a waterfall that falls into a hidden pond. That might be doable because there wouldn't be any body of water... just water flowing over a rock waterfall.