Sunday, October 15, 2006

My menu for the week...


Publix Mealwheel


Hamburgers-hotdogs on the grill w/french fries and veggie tray
Fried Chicken-mashed potatoes and steamed veggies
Shepard's Pie
BBQ Chicken-rice and steamed veggies
Minestra Soup-bread
Grilled shrimp-rice and veggies

I found FRESH SPINACH at my local Publix grocery store today and bought some! I am very happy to see it being sold again.

Isaac had his first temper tantrum that couldn't be redirected in a store yesterday. I guess he's hitting the 2's early.LOL We were all at Walmart getting some warm clothes for Isaac because we were a bit blind-sided by the cold weather that greeted us yesterday morning. While there, Jon and Genevieve wanted to go to the toy section and look around. Well, when we went to pick them up, Isaac found the car aisle and went balistic! He REALLY wanted one.LOL As we left the area, he blew up! Eric picked him up and headed for the exit and you could hear him all the way out of the store. It was so funny! The rest of us were in fits of laughter and I mean the WHOLE store was laughing with us. All those little old ladies were giving me pointers as I paid for our stuff and left the store.

It's so hard being that age! I was a little worried taking him to Publix today but he was fine. I'll just chalk it up to the irregular-ness of the age.LOL I'll be on a look out for the next explosion though.




Jodi said...

Gotta ask, what's a Publix Meal Wheel?

Isn't it funny how those tantrums make us giggle by the time we get to baby 4, at least they did for me,. Poor Tristan never got to have the sucess of embarressing Mummy like his oldest brother did. LOL

Lisa in Jax said...

It's a sandwich ring. They are really good! We get them whenever they go on sale.

LOL I think Genevieve broke us of all embarassment. If it was the least bit embarassing, she's done it including peeing in the check out line of a grocery store.LOL It definitely takes more effort now than it used to.LOL

Jodi said...

Believe it or not I didn't know what a sandwich ring was either, went ahead and googled them both! My education was lacking, LOL

Lisa in Jax said...

Sorry, Jodi! I should've been more descriptive. I have to realize that you don't have a Publix, so you wouldn't have the experience of a sandwich We love these things and eat them whenever they are available. It's just a BIG sandwich made into a ring, with lettuce, tomato, some kind of meat, and all the condiments. YUM!