Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The traveling computer bug...

Yes, I got the bug too.lol For some reason, my internet access went down last night at 9pm and Eric finally got it working again tonight at 9:30pm. I went through some major withdrawls but seemed to have survived with my sanity mostly intact.lol It took 4 phone calls to our internet provider to get it working again and who knows why it quit in the first place.

Here was my day...

Today started at 5:45 this morning, before dawn, with a little boy who has decided that he likes to sleep odd hours. He's been doing this off and on ever since he caught this last cold. He will be up all night the first night and then will sleep 14 or more hours the next, always starting at around 4-5pm. Now if I could sleep when he does, like I did with my first child, I'd be in good shape, but alas, I'm getting to bed by 10:30-11:00pm and then getting the bugle call at 05:30 every other day.lol Of course, that'd be a great amount of sleep if it wasn't interrupted by Genevieve most nights, trying to sneak into our bed...lool

For my goals, I was able to focus on the Hot Spots today and got most of them cleaned up again. I also finished all the bedding. I had P.E. to contend with this afternoon and almost didn't make it.lol I promise I just laid down for just a minute and well, before I knew it, I was being paiged for an emergency run to the P.E. class. We barely made it in time and I was so groggy I really didn't want to go home but that's where we went. When we picked up the kids, I needed to run by my parents home because my brother asked if the kids could help him move an entertainment center but when we got there it was way more than just one piece. It ended up being two bedrooms of furniture and took until 5:oopm. Then they went to get the new stuff and I left Allison with them and rushed home to make dinner. Unfortunately, when I arrived home, I found a sleeping baby in the carseat.lol He had passed out from the excitement. I tried to coax the little guy back awake but it was useless. He was completely out. Who knows when he'll wake but I'm praying it'll be tomorrow.lol After getting him changed and in bed, I made dinner. We had Shepard's Pie and it was good. Eric spent the whole night talking to BellSouth and I took Genevieve for a walk in the sprinkling rain. She was quite upset that daddy was busy and needed to be given some one on one time, so off we went.

Well, everyone is in bed, and that's were I'm headed. I noticed quite a few comments and I'll tackle those tomorrow, God willing. I'm beat.lol




De'Etta said...

Way to go on the hot spots!

Oh no - a traveling bug....ARGH.

Lisa in Jax said...

Thanks! I'm looking forward to finishing everything this week.

I'm glad that it was a 24 hour virus, not having internet service was not fun.lol


Jodi said...

I didn't get the virus or whatever it was yet but I downloaded AVG to try and help and it messed up my email! Now I have to disable my "virus protection" to read my emails, which defeats the purpose I would guess, LOL. Sorry to hear so many are having issues but glad you got it fixed.

Sounds like you are doing so well on the house and school with not enough sleep.

Lisa in Jax said...

lol I'm glad that you've been o.k. I have a definite love-hate relationship with this thing.

Yep! School and house have been coming along nicely. My house has never looked better and we actually did a month's worth of school in a month's time.lol Progress is really nice...lol