Monday, October 30, 2006


We're Everyone except for dh, who got a flu shot, has gotten this. The littles are still struggling with this illness, that's why I'm writing this at 4:30a.m. Both littles are awake right now. Now I know why they are so miserable, this is a yucky illness. The littles both woke up with secondary infections in their ears on Saturday night and it was This is the first time ever that I can say I'm glad that tomorrow is Monday. At least the doctor's offices will be open. The big kids are still at the early stages of this so they aren't too bad off but I know that Jon's going to need some major meds to get through this. He caught this on Saturday night.

Both kids played in their first football game on Sat. morning. They lost their first game but still had a good time. They had only had two practices before the game so I wasn't expecting a miracle but I'm really seeing a confidence in Allison this season. This season has been such a blessing. All their games are at home and most are on Saturdays. This is so unexpected but sooo

If you all could pray that we get well soon, that'd be great. Especially the littles who haven't slept in a week and have thrown up everyday since Tuesday morning. And Jon, please pray that he can get through this illness. He really worries me. Think of a kid with barely an immune system, who really shouldn't spend time with sick people and that's Jon. If this illness runs it's course and has no secondary illnesses to spring up in him, we're looking at a recovery time of 2 weeks, with a cough that will last a month. If he gets the secondary illnesses that usually occur in him, well, we're looking at over a month, with a cough that may last until Christmas. I wish I was exaggerating. A few prayers sent my way, would be great too. One good thing about getting woken up every 2-3 hours, is I'm staying well

Well, all the littles are laying down watching t.v. and resting. I think I may try laying down too, although I'm not a good sleeper and my nose is stuffy and they will probably wake me about 20 minutes after I finally fall asleep. Boy, I envy Eric who can fall asleep at the drop of a hat.LOL

I really appreciate all the prayers and well wishes I've received. THANK YOU!!! I'm in survival mode right now, so I just can't write as much as I'd like but wanted everyone to know that you all are a blessing to me.




Jodi said...

(((((LISA and family))))) I have almost no computer time today (and power was out a lot of yesterday) but felt I must check on you guys. Argh, you're all sick. Prayers for you and your family.


Lisa in Jax said...

Thanks, Jodi. We're slowly starting to feel human again. The littles are still sick but last night was the first night for both of them to sleep through the night in 2 weeks. What a blessing!