Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Suds...

The suds have returned. Isaac, my worst patient, was up all night last night, showing his unhappiness at having to re-live the whole dramatic snottiness of it. The poor kid just doesn't know what to do when his nose isn't working properly.lol I've caught it and Genevieve, the culprit who began this mess, is almost through with it. I'm dreading when Jon get's it. He just can't fight these little illnesses. He'll be on breathing treatments and such by the weekend.

My MIL is staying with us for the next day or two. We found her on our doorstep at 9pm last night. Evidently, she called but we didn't hear the phone. Good thing she got here before lights out or we may have found her this morning.lol She's having her ceilings redone and her plans for staying with a friend fell through. The kids have enjoyed having her here, though, so it's nice that things have worked out.

I have my doctor's appt today. It was supposed to be tomorrow but I got a nice little post card in the mail stating that my doctor won't be there and I needed to reschedule. I really don't know what to do. I keep praying that God would help me to decide but so far, I'm on my own here.lol I think I'm going to talk to the nurse today and tell her I'm not happy. Maybe she'll have some suggestions. She really seems to listen when I'm talking, as opposed to the doctor, who just smiles and then does what he wants. The kids will have to miss homeschool pe because of this doctor and I'm tired of having to go in on days that are not good for me. This is the 2nd reschedule I've had and this appt will be my third appt over all. Not good.

I made the banana muffins yesterday and the kids have promptly eaten them. At least they're efficient.lol I guess I'll need to make some chocolate chip muffins for the freezer. I think that I'm going to work on the pantry today. I figure it'll keep me from thinking about my appt all day long. I'm also going to make a stew in the crockpot for tonight. I've been grilling a lot lately but I could use a break.lol I made some awesome shish kabobs last night! We had garlic-butter shrimp kabobs, chicken terriaki, and steak with nature's seasonings. Very good! I loved the grilled shrimp ones the best. I served them with rice and steamed veggies. Yum!

I'm pretty exhausted today as you could probably guess from this discombobulated post, but I'm still standing, so I'll take that as a good sign.lol I'm also happy to report that this baby has finally started wiggling around a lot lately. I always feel better when my residents start making their presence known. That is definitely a big blessing!



Jodi said...

Oh No, sorry to hear about the suds outbreak. Hope everyone is feeling better soon. And roflol about your MIL on the doorstep! Good thing it wasn't an early to bed night at your house!

Lisa in Jax said...

Well, the littles are feeling a bit better. Isaac slept some last night and I'm hoping that he'll sleep even better tonight.

LOL Yep, she was lucky that Isaac was so grumpy that night or she may have missed the boat.lol She's still here, by the way. I'm thinking that she'll be here the rest of the week.