Monday, October 09, 2006

We had a good weekend. My dad took the older kids skating on Saturday and my mom took both littles to the zoo! All the kids had a good time. Since Eric and I had the Saturday to ourselves we decided to clean the garage.LOL It looks great. I just wish we could figure out a way to store the bicycles. They take up so much room but the kids use them everyday so hanging them is out of the question. We have 4 adult bikes and 2 trikes. We also have 1 electric scooter and 3 regular scooters.LOL They end up taking half the garage! We also bought some more sand this weekend. The kids have really been enjoying the new sand. (I decided to go with regular white this

I had trouble with my asthma on Sunday so just about everything was put to the side. Eric did the shopping for me, after I got the list made and Isaac took a nap from 4-9pm. He wasn't feeling well, so we let him rest. We think that he's finally getting that last tooth! He woke up at 9pm and stayed up until 11:30. Then he slept through the night. Genevieve on the other hand was up at 5am this morning. Eric was able to convince her to go back to bed after a little

We ended up having an early morning, which means I've been able to get a lot done. Most of the wash is finished and I've already vaccumed the house. The older kids are 1/2 way through with their work and the littles have been outside almost all morning! We finally had a real cool front come through and the weather has been a pleasant 68 degrees all day today and yesterday. (Thanks, Jodi!) My kids don't know what to think of this weather but I'm I can actually stand to be outside again. Isaac keeps pulling at his long sleeved clothes like he thinks there's something wrong with the length and Genevieve keeps trying to wear her summer

I finally dug my Epson Picture Mate out and began printing out some pictures. I wanted to try to get the photo albums updated since our move. I've just been too busy and since I couldn't do much yesterday, I did this. My kids love to look through the albums! My hope is to scrapbook the pictures eventually, but I like having them avalible in albums for now.

Here are some things I hope to accomplish this week...

Banana muffins
and clean out the pantry. I hate this chore but it's sorely needed.




Jodi said...

We end up leaving bikes out in the summer, which is not a great idea but you're right they sure take up space. I've thought about making some sort of "tent" for them. Mind you I've only thought about it not actually tried it!

Glad you got some cooler weather. It's downright cold here at night but some of the days have warmed up nicely, must be a bit of the warm coming from Fl. I hope no severe weather is happening in the mid atlantic as I push the cold south and you send the warm north, LOL

Lisa in Jax said...

The bikes are a problem. We have so much rain here, I don't think a tent would work. I have been considering a sort of lean-to though. Maybe a three-sided area to keep them in with a roof.

This has been the very best hurricane season in a very long time! What a blessing to get this break. I'm guessing the cooler weather you're sending is just what we need. Although if you see any hurricanes you're welcome to come down here to