Monday, October 02, 2006

My little Genevieve is 4!!!

Whew! What a whirlwind weekend! Have I mentioned that I'm not much of a run-arounder?lol Well, if you judged me by this weekend you'd think that I live for this

Friday night after we got the littles to bed, we left Allison in charge while we made a run for Target. We spent the next 2 hours there getting everything we needed for Genevieve's party. Eric is the one who remembered that Target would have everything we needed and it would mean less running around. God Bless him! We were able to get all the party supplies and her presents that night. We got home at 10pm and we were wiped

Saturday we spent doing the things I usually do on Sundays. I made a grocery list, the older kids went skating and Genevieve went with my mom, shopping for her birthday. Eric and I made a run to BJ's and then to Publix. I also made calls and invited some friends and family to the party. Then I started Now, I've been keeping the house pretty clean but I really wanted to get the deep cleaning done and get rid of all the different hot spots in the house. I ran out of energy on Saturday and took a When Genevieve got home she had a bunch of new clothes and a new pair of shoes and was so hyper I was worried how she'd handle the real

Sunday came bright and early. Genevieve was excited. So excited, that she ended up in time out for most of the I cleaned, while the older kids went with Grandma to church. I even shampooed some of the carpets! I also washed the curtains in the great room and dusted everything. It was a long morning. Eric went to get the cake. It was a cute little Dora cake and then we had to put it on top of our china hutch because the littles wouldn't quit trying to touch We had Genevieve open the gifts from us at 2pm just to give her something to do and really she'd been as good as could be expected with all the waiting she had to do. She loved her gifts! She got a Playmobil castle and two new games featuring Dora and Diego. She also got a China doll dress up costume and a Blue's Clues puzzle. Oh and a little bead kit that target had for a $1. We had a good party. We invited a family from the neighborhood that has a little boy just her age and we invited all of our family. Everyone came and I think the party was fun for everyone! We ended up with an extra child from the neighborhood that just showed up and so we had 7 kids at the party! Genevieve was so excited! We had a pull string pinata and Allison made a pin the tail on Swiper the fox game that the kids enjoyed. Allison is quite the artist! She freehanded the drawing and he looked just like the fox on the Dora show. We had pizza and cake and ice cream and lots of soda in Coconut cups. The party lasted for about 2 hours and at the end Genevieve opened her gifts. She got a Dora trike, a Princess Genevieve barbie, a Doodle Pro Glow, a princess crown, and some curtains for her room with butterflies on them.

Genevieve has such a wonderful sharing and loving spirit. She kept making sure that all her guests had everything they needed and kept asking if they needed more gum or What a blessing to see, even in the midst of a party just for her, she was most concerned with her friends. When we lit the candles on her cake, she said that everyone should help her blow them out and when one of her friends didn't get ice cream with their cake, she made sure that I went and got him some. She got a pack of gum in her gifts and she proceeded to give most of it away, to share with others.

My plan is to upload pictures next but I'm going to be tutoring my brother sometime today so I'll get as much done as I can. This was a good weekend! I'm so glad that everything went so smoothly and that Genevieve had such a good time.



Debbie said...

Hi Lisa!
This is Debbie from SHS (Debbie in NNY). I just discovered your blog! Very nice.

Lisa in Jax said...

Thanks! I'm enjoying it. I think it's a great way to record our days and make memories.



Jodi said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GENEVIEVE!!!!!! Wow, how can Evie be 4? I feel like I have "known" her, her whole life from SHS, VBG.

You have to be party planner of the year to get all that done in such a short time! Loved the pictures and hearing about the party. It's so sweet that she was very thoughtful of her guests. That's quite something at just turned 4 years old! Loved the fact that an extra child just showed up, looks like you had just the right amount of young ones for a great party!

De'Etta said...

It sounds like a very busy weekend. Evie looks like she totally enjoyed herself.

Lisa in Jax said...

You have known her all her life! Really, I think this time has gone by way too fast. I'm almost half way through this new pregnancy already! Yikes! I'm not ready!lol

Well, the party was only by the grace of God. I really didn't do anything but trust that if she was to have a party, that God would provide the I prepared for it to be just us but I also prepared for God to really work and He didn't disappoint! We ended up with a great amount of kids and I only invited 2 the day before. It was such a blessing to see Genevieve with such a loving and giving spirit. She had a wonderful time and I think her guests did too. I'm not sure if the adults had as much fun but I left the football game on in the other room so they could watch that.

I'm just glad that the whole thing was a good experience for us as a family. Now to plan for my 15 year anniversary!lol(It's tomorrow and yes I leave things to the last