Friday, September 25, 2009

Another sewing project...

I saw this really neat dress on the Gap website the other day and it inspired me. The top was made of a ribbed knit tank top and the dress was made of vertical striped fabric, in layers, like the layered skirts I make. Well, it made me think. If you can use tank tops, you could probably make dresses out of old t-shirts, right?LOL So, here is my first attempt at a t-shirt dress...


I took this little green t-shirt that Evie out-grew and made it into a brand new dress for Sophia. I roll-hemmed the top and bottom of the blue fabric, used my sewing machine to gather the fabric at the top and then sewed the fabric to the bottom of the t-shirt. This was an extremely easy project and took no more than 30 minutes from start to finish. Not only that, but it was mostly free. I paid $1.00 for a yard of the blue fabric and only used 7 inches of it for this dress. The t-shirt was a hand me down, so I count that as free. I can see that using a long sleeved shirt would make a nice winter dress. That will probably be what I work on next.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Jon's Eggroll Recipe...

Supplies required are as follows:

1 bag of shredded coleslaw cabbage
1 bag of precooked frozen shrimp (you can buy raw, just prepare that like you would for shrimp cocktail)
Soy Sauce
1 package of eggroll wrappers (I recommend having 1 extra)
Vegetable oil


Use just enough oil to cover the bottom of your favorite skillet and pour in the bag of coleslaw cabbage, along with your desired amount of shrimp, fry it until the cabbage is fully cooked and add a good splash of soy sauce. Drain out excess oil and put the cabbage and shrimp in a bowl. Now that it is all cooked, this is when I normally remove the tails from the shrimp and cut them into chunks. Now get your eggroll wrappers out along with a bowl of water, take a decent amount of cabbage/ shrimp and place it in the lower/middle of the eggroll and follow the wrapping directions on the package. Now just fill a saucepan with enough oil to half cover an eggroll and fry untill they are golden brown.


(I'll take some photos of the process sometime this week.)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Random and Varied...

One of my favorite things to do after a very long week is to look through all the photos that various people took. I always find it interesting to see what everyone finds important to them. I'm also thankful that the older kids feel comfortable borrowing my camera and I'm planning on buying a smaller camera for the younger ones to use. That way, we'll see what they think is important a little more often.

This first photo is by Jon. Before he and my Dh went to Ohio for Grandma's memorial, Jon wanted to make sure that I'd have food to eat. He made me 42 egg rolls! I know that there are only 37 in this photo...I was He really is a master chef!

This next photo is of the extremely noisy frog/toad that Allison raised from a tadpole last year and it not only survived, it has been a pain in the neck ever

Here is Isaac, not only smiling but showing off his latest creation...a shark. I think he did a great job! The kids love homemade playdough.

Here is my Sophia. Her hair is getting so long!

Just look at those curls and that color!

Here is Sophia's masterpiece. Would you believe that she did this with watercolors? She really knows how to use the space on paper and her colors are amazing. Every picture she draws or paints or colors is completely used when she's

Well, that's all the photos I have for now. Genevieve is getting excited about her 7th birthday coming up. Allison's school is great. It's a great fit for her. Jon is excelling this year. He's an amazing student and I'm thankful for his servant's heart. Isaac and Sophia are staying out of big trouble and keeping busy with all our activities. I'm 11 weeks along now with our newest little one and everything is going well. My only complaint is exhaustion but I really can't complain. It was a lot worse with my last one. So, there's my update. Sorry I'm not keeping up with this blog much. It's hard to manage everyone and everything and still have energy at the end of the Maybe once I get my sea-legs things will get easier. We'll


Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A Portrait of Allison

Two summers in the 100 degree heat,
Working 6-7 days a week,
Sometimes for 8 hours at a time.

One VERY long winter,
Freezing in the cold,
In a bathing suit,
Sometimes even in the rain.

One semi-patient mother,
Who went without a car,
For the whole summer.

All adds up to this,
Bought yesterday,
With her own money,
With some help from two Grandmas,
One Grandpa,
And two parents.

2001 Saturn LS100 with only 28,000 miles.

We are very proud of you Allison! (And I'm thankful to have my truck back.LOL)