Monday, May 29, 2006

Musings of my past...

I was just thinking back, you know, at how this whole journey began and I am amazed at how far we've come! I can definitely see God's hand in our lives. Here I am, pretty much starting over and it's a bit overwhelming but knowing that God's here and in control sure helps.

I am just about to start teaching my little Genevieve how to read. She's three and a half years old and quite feisty. Being that she's my third, I just know that she's ready. She's questioning EVERYTHING, and is quite upset over the fact that she doesn't know everything already. I'm going to be using the same stuff I used with my first two. Learn to Read in 100 Easy Lessons and really, really old readers from my husband's kindergarten years. I usually start in 100 Easy but quickly move into the readers because it gives the kids a sense of accomplishment. I'll also use some computer games, like the old Reader Rabbit series. You just can't beat them. I'm hoping that I unpack them soon. Sometimes I think about getting one of those new curriculums out there to teach her with, but then I think, why fix what isn't broken? As long as she's reading, who cares how she gets there?

Friday, May 26, 2006

The Beginning...

Well, it's happened. I've finally decided to jump onto the blog bandwagon. (I'm such a follower. ) I named my blog Lisa's Homeschool Circus because that's what it looks like here on a good day.

Things are crazy here. We have just moved to Jacksonville from Miami and I am still trying to find my stuff in the garage. The movers said it'd be easier if we put all the boxes in the garage, that way I could unpack at my convience. Don't listen to the movers. I think it would have been more truthful for them to tell me that it'd be easier for THEM to put them in the garage, not me.

We are planning to begin our 10th year of homeschooling next week. I'm pretty excited. We are going to be studying 20th Century World History with Tapestry of Grace and the books look great. We are also going to try Algebra 1 again with the new curriculum, Teaching Textbooks. Hopefully, it'll help us get past this learning block we've been experiencing. We'll continue with Powerglide Spanish from last year and we'll be adding in Vocabulary for the College Bound. For Science we are going to try Apologia Biology, we really didn't like it the year we used it for Physical Science but I'm hoping it'll work this year. The pickings are slim for a good solid Christian Biology course. The kids are going to publish four newspapers for each 9 week period for their language arts. They are also going to create and perform a radio play. I think we are going to enjoy this year.

I just bought the MOTH book and am finally going to get organized. (At least in theory.) I feel way over committed and am going to use this time of transition to change the way I usually do things. I mean, everyone is already disoriented so what better time is there to turn the tables?

My hopes for this blog is to kind of create a log of our homeschool and daily life. I may fail miserably but I'll give it a good try. I also hope that those friends that I left in Miami can come here and "visit" with me. I hope that this is a way that I can keep in touch. Well, that's my first entry. God Bless!