Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Well, today has been a very good day. I have finished the wash, just need to fold another load and we'll be set for a couple of days. The kids actually fought over who would get to steam clean the carpets so I let them fight it out and do the I did help by vacuuming after the carpet dried but really they did all the work. I took the littles outside for some fresh air and play time. It's been warm the past couple of days, so I've been trying to take advantage of it as often as I can. It topped 80 degrees today! This is the kind of weather I like. Not too hot, not cold and

I'm making a blend of two different recipes for dinner tonight. Heavenly Porkchops w/buttered noodles, asparagus, and salad. Hopefully the Porkchops will taste good. I didn't actually read the recipe from Queenbee's blog, thought I could wing it(LOL) and ended up with white sauce instead of a dough-like substance so I just figured I'd combine Heavenly Chicken together with the porkchops. It looks good and smells wonderful so I'm guessing I didn't ruin

I got this salad dressing recipe off of the Sonlight forums and am going to make it tomorrow. It sounds really good and of course high in

Creamy Bacon Salad Dressing

6 sl bacon, cooked and chopped
1/4 c onion, finely chopped (may substitute green onions or chives)
1/2 c sugar
1/4 c cider vinegar
1 c water

Cook onions, sugar, vinegar, and water. Cool. Add 4 c of mayo (large jar) and mix well. Yield 1 1/2-2 qts.The original recipe calls for 10 slices of bacon, 1 cup of sugar, and 1 1/2 cups of water, instead of the amounts given. Doing it this way makes the yield closer to the 2 qt mark.

From Vincennes University School of Culinary Arts by way of Ezekiel's Garden on the SL boards.

She says it's better than Ranch dressing and since Evie's allergic to ranch I've been looking for something that might work. I'll let you all know if it's any good!



Christmas Calendar layouts 2007


Here is the final month of the calendar! Whoo-hoo! Another year finished!
Here's November.

O.k. so far, I've ordered the photo cards (yesterday) and they've already shipped! Pretty fast turn around! I'll have them in a day or two and then I can focus on getting them labeled and sent to everyone. I love it when everything seems to come together! I also ordered the calendars just a few minutes ago. Allison whipped out the last few pages last night and this morning and then I worked on a few finishing touches. It looks great!

I've also finished half of the wash and because of an impromptu naked baby, I'll be steam cleaning the carpets right after lunch.LOL We have been working on potty training but so far the only thing he enjoys is being naked. He enjoys it so much that he's figured out how to make that happen all by himself. All he needs is a minute or two alone and he's streaking around showing us his favorite body I've decided that I'm going to steam clean all the high traffic areas since I need to work on some spots made today so I'm getting the big machine out.

I also worked with Evie this morning. We did some preschool focusing on the letter C, finished off some library books that I didn't have time to read, and played with playdough. That's another area that needs steam cleaned today. lol

I think I've decided to let the kids mess with the carseats and see if the van will work out or not. If they aren't happy, then I'll just plan on the tank once the baby gets here. I think that's

I guess that's it for now. My lunch break is over and I've got some major work to


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

More out-takes.

Here are some out-takes...

I think these two pictures are in the running for our Christmas cards this year. I would love for you all to post your opinions on which is better.

As you can see. I was able to get all the kids in the pictures, somewhat smiling and sort of facing the camera. I should get some sort of medal!lol

My goals for the week...

One of my goals for this week was to get the house back together from the long weekend but the kids and I whipped that out this morning so I'll just check that as done.

Next on my list was the Christmas Photo. I'm still printing them all out and hope to have at least ONE photo that can be used. If not, then we'll try again I'm hoping that we'll have one good enough. I think two are promising but I really like to look at the hard copies before deciding.

Finish the Calendar! It has to be completed by Thursday for the discount. We're up to September and I think we can whip out those last few months today and tomorrow.

Finish most of my Christmas shopping by this weekend. I like to leave the little things, like stocking stuffers for the last minute but I usually have all my regular shopping done before Thanksgiving, except for this year. I really would like to have this done! I'll let you all know if this goal was accomplished or

A related goal would be to finish the Christmas list this week also. One of the reasons Isaac has too much for Christmas this year is that instead of having a list I've just been buying things that I thought he'd like or were Without a list my budget can get broken easily! We're going cash only this year and I don't want to break the bank this year. In all of our marriage, we've never had a Christmas that we could afford. This is going to be that year! It would be such a blessing to not have to pay for these gifts for the next year and not be able to save anything for next year. We've already run into some snags but I'm just going to have a talk with the older kids, give them our budget and then let them do some re-accessing of their major wants this year.

I also need to sometime in the next week or two, try to figure out how we will fit everyone into my I need to get the new baby's carseat out and see how this is going to work. If it isn't going to work, then I need to try out the carseats in the Expedition. I really hope everyone fits in the van. I just don't like driving anything bigger. I'm majorly intimidated!lol I always feel like I'm taking more than my fair share of the road and that I'm going to take the side off someone's car or maybe their mailbox or maybe even a PERSON while driving that This vehicle is a blessing and I may just have to get over the whole driving a tank thing but I'm REALLY hoping I can squeeze everyone into my little mini van. I mean, it SAYS it fits 7 people, right?!?!lol Eric really feels that I need to move up to the but I don't remember it saying any where that everyone has to be

Well, those are my goals. I have the basic stuff in my mind also, like laundry and such but these are the things that most need to get done on top of my regular duties. Have a great day!

I just finished taking 46 pictures of the kids in their Christmas outfits and I may have two photos to use for cards and No, they aren't great pictures but I think that most of them are in the photo and some of them are actually looking at the camera and I'm not sure but I think that none of the kids in the picture are picking their noses. lol I'm thinking that in future pictures I'll have everyone sit separately and then I'll paste them all together in PhotoShop.lolol

Really, I think it should be against the law to expect families of more than two kids to poise for a group photo.

At least we have 44 photos of out-takes for the calendar. I'm guessing it'll be hard for Allison to decide which ones to choose, considering she has so many to look through.

Another thing, don't expect a child of 22 months to cooperate when you put him in winter clothes when it's 78 degrees outside. He spent most of the time saying, "Ow! Ow!." lolol

I'll post my favorite photo and maybe my favorite out-take once I've seen them printed out and can look at them together. My trusty PictureMate is churning them out right



Monday, November 27, 2006

Today was a very busy day. I'm going to make this short since I'm as exhausted as I can get and still be I started the day by deciding that I'd better get the groceries before I got too Jon and Evie didn't want to go, so Allison, Isaac, and I headed off at 9 this morning. It was an expensive and long process. I won't go into detail but I just can't understand how one week my bill can be $180 and the very next week it can sky-rocket to $300 and I bought the SAME stuff! After we got home, I noticed that my mom had called and so while the kids unloaded the van and put the groceries away, I called mom back to see how her trip to my sisters went. She said she had a good time and was hoping that I'd go to lunch with her. I said sure and off we went once everything was put away and everyone was ready. We picked mom up and decided on Golden Corral for lunch. I ate entirely too It's a buffet style restaurant and I guess I just didn't know when to say The kids really love this place and all ate really well. Luckily, they don't weigh you afterwards and charge you that way because Isaac felt like he gained several pounds from Mom and I decided to venture to Target after lunch and I was able to get a wreath holder for my front door and I also bought one of those animated lighted deer for the front lawn. I also got the littles some more pj's. I took mom home afterwards and we helped her hang pictures and stuff back on her walls since my brother repainted the house while they were gone. By the time we got home it was 4pm. I was so tired I wasn't sure that I could make dinner but I did get it done. We had Minestra soup w/salad, french bread, and fruit salad. So far, we've got Evie down for bed and I'll start working on Isaac after I write this. I'm afraid that I did too much again today and will probably pay for it tomorrow. I need to learn how to manage my energy levels Obviously, we did no school today or really anything except the groceries but it was nice to spend the time with my mom and tomorrow's another day. I have a lot of plans for this week and will post my goals tomorrow. I hope everyone had a good day!



Sunday, November 26, 2006

Here's our house so far. I think we'll need to upgrade the decorations for Evie's sake this

Christmas Calendar layouts 2007


Christmas Calendar layouts 2007

July. I love the fireworks!


Christmas Calendar layouts 2007

Here's June. I definitely think Allison is much better at Her collages just look better.


My Menu for this Week...




Split Pea soup (didn't have it last week)
Taco Stuff
Porkchops w/noodles, salad, and sweet potatoes
Grilled Chicken w/rice, asparagus, and salad
Minestra soup w/bread
Baked Potato Bar w/salad, and steamed broccoli

I'm hoping to go shopping today but will go tomorrow if I'm not feeling up to it today. At least I've got the list


Yesterday we spent the day at the park. The little ones had a great time and really wore themselves out. It was nice to have Eric along as it's getting a little hard for me to keep up. The older kids probably would have rather stayed I know they are getting a little old for the park. I guess I need to expand what we do as a family but right now I feel that I'm doing all that I can. Maybe after the baby's born, I'll have more energy. When we got home, Isaac and I both fell I'm thinking that my energy is at an all time low right now. Nothing like passing out everytime I go out and do

Today was the second week in a row that Genevieve and I went to church. She has always had issues with places like this but I felt it was time to see if she could handle going yet. She's doing pretty good, although it seems to set her off for the day. The service is pretty loud and I'm wondering if she'd do better if it was more traditional but I was hoping that since Allison, Jon and Grandma were there, that it would seem more comfortable to her. Also, her friend Sammy goes there and she really likes seeing him. But the service is LOUD and I'm not sure it's the best fit for her. I'm hoping as we go each week she'll slowly adapt and be better afterwards. Eric stayed home with Isaac who is still recovering from the surgery and needs to stay away from illness. His face is looking better and hopefully there will be a good improvement once the spots have faded. This doctor does a much better job of covering the area and he thinks he has the right setting on his laser now. We'll see in a few weeks.

I'm hoping to take the family photo this week sometime.

I finally found a better doctor for myself! He may take me as a patient depending on how long it takes the old doctor to transfer all my records. I'm praying hard that they are sent this week. I called the hospital on Wednesday and talked to some really nice ladies who told me this old dr was bad news and they are the ones who found me this dr, who is supposed to have the best record in the whole hospital. I'll let you all know how things go if/when I get to see him. I went down to my old dr's and signed the release of records form the minute I talked to the new dr Can you tell I'm desperate? If you all could pray that they send my records this week, I'd be grateful! If it takes much longer, the new dr won't take me since I'm so far along. Boy is this stressful!

Genevieve has pronounced our outside decorations "boring." She feels that we need MORE decorations such as lawn creatures and garland for the house. I may need to go

I guess that's it. I've made the grocery list but don't feel well enough to go shopping so I'll upload the week's menu next and then go



Friday, November 24, 2006

Isaac discovers candy We had to put all the candy on the top of the tree since this picture was taken. He was breaking each open to see what they tasted
If yesterday was a good day, then today was a great day. (I had the day We have so much food left over that I won't need to cook for a couple of days, so other than the desperately needed wash, I didn't do a thing. Well, I got to do the fun stuff today. I didn't just lay I spent the day with the kids playing around. Eric spent the day on the He and my brother hung the Christmas lights. I'll try to remember to take a picture later when it's dark. I'm not sure they're finished but they got the hardest part done today. Isaac discovered that the candy canes were not just for I got the cutest picture of him when he found a piece of one. I'll post it later.

I had the kids write the annual "What I want for Christmas list." Topping Jon's list was a potato gun, complete with a supply list and directions for putting it I'm not sure that even with this much research he'll get one. I don't think that he thought about *where* he could fire something like this without damaging property. He did have some other things on his list so maybe one of those will be under the tree this year.

We ended up going overboard with Isaac this year and I've decided to use at least half of the gifts for his birthday in January. I've bought Evie one of those Littlest Petshop sets for Christmas. We will probably get her some odds and ends for sets that she already has and that'll be it.

Eric and I have decided on Allison's gift this year, but she reads my blog so it'll have to stay a

I guess that's it!


Here, Isaac discovers the tree for the first time this morning. I'm glad we only use unbreakable
Isaac and Genevieve "fixing" the tree.

He just loves the new shiny balls I bought for the
Here, the kids are trying to figure out the complexities of the artificial tree.

Here is the completed tree.

This was how Isaac spent the day. I don't think he moved but once just to have dinner. Poor guy.

Thanksgiving in

Everything went well. We started the day by cleaning up and making sure the house was presentable. Eric went to get my brother, who spent the day with us. Then, I had the over-anxious kids get all the Christmas stuff from the garage. It was pretty funny, they were so excited that it was hard for all of them to keep focus. I don't know why but Isaac just wasn't himself yesterday. He spent the WHOLE day in my bed resting. You could just tell the little guy wasn't feeling very good.

It took the kids hours to finish the tree. It looks very nice and I'll upload some pictures next.

While the kids were working, I started the bread and made another batch of cookies. Really, everything went together without a hitch. After the kids had finished the tree, I set them to work on the Gingerbread Choo-Choo. They finished that right before Grandma and my sil and bil got here. When everyone got here, we set up the extra tables and chairs and ate. I was starving! Next time, I'll set the time for earlier in the day. I was thinking the extra time would be helpful on the cleaning front but really we just sat around waiting for Everything turned out terrific and it was wonderful to spend the time with family. My sil is also expecting a new baby in May and we sat around discussing baby things. Luckily, neither of us want the same The guys did the dishes for us and that was so nice! I don't think I could've done one more thing once dinner was over. I ate so much that I had nightmares all night last Never again will I eat that much at one time.lolol Everyone stuck around until around 8pm just talking or playing or in Grandma's case, All in all, a very good Thanksgiving.



Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!!!
I hope everyone has a wonderful day! So far, I've got the bread rising, the roaster washed and ready for the turkey, and the house ready for guests. We're eating at 5pm so the kids are working on the Christmas tree right now and once they have that completed, we'll start working on a ginger bread choo-choo train that my mom gave us.
I have so much to be thankful for this year. God has blessed my family more than I could ever have imagined. I just want to thank GOD for all the wonderful things and people that He has brought into our lives this year.
May God bless you all!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Pictures from my new camera. I'm still taking pictures for the Did I mention that it needs to be completed by Nov. 30th?lol I'm hoping to take the Christmas photo next week. I sure hope it turns out good. My plan is to put the best Christmas photo in the middle of the December calendar and then put all the out-takes around it. Should be fun! I also use the Christmas photo for our Christmas cards. I need to order those asap! Did I mention that I'm feeling a little overwhelmed?lol


Christmas Calendar layouts 2007

Here's May.

Christmas Calendar layouts 2007

Here's Jon's month. He was definitely the hardest since he usually hides from the

Christmas Calendar layouts 2007

Here's March. It's another birthday month so Allison is the subject du


Here's a picture from my new camera. Yes, her mouth is orange. lol She got into some orange soda and she's showing it
It's been a busy week so far. I'm hanging in there but have had to lower my expectations for this I keep forgetting that cleaning requires bending and I'm not doing so well in that area. It has been taking me twice as long to do EVERYTHING lately. I think to myself, I think I'll go get that great room clean and think it'll take me 5-10 minutes. Well, lol, it ends up taking me 30 minutes because I keep needing to sit down "for just a minute." I've got the living areas up to par and I'm just going to slowly go through the other rooms and just shut the doors on the rooms I just can't get to.

I've been able to make two different kinds of cookie dough and have baked one kind. I'll set the kids to making the sugar cookies today since that's the fun part and I'll make the pie. I'm not making the other two batches since I just can't do that

Isaac's surgery yesterday went great! They do things differently up here and they really make sure that they've prepared him before he leaves the hospital. Down in Miami, he would be really sick and alot of times screaming when he woke. Here they give him an IV after he's been put to sleep and it has anti-nausea meds, fluids, and pain reliever in it. When he wakes up, other than being groggy, he's raring to go! What a blessing! He was also in the first queue yesterday which meant getting his surgery first. He was in by 8am and that meant not sitting for several hours awake and hungry. That's a blessing. He's running around right now acting like his normal self, happy and hungry for the first time in a few

Eric bought me a new camera yesterday. We've been talking about it for a while and finally decided to bring one home and see if we like it. It's a Kodak Easy Share Z650. I looked at the Cannon's and the Sony's and just about everything else but this one was easy for me to figure out and it has GREAT zoom and it takes fab pictures! It was also pretty cheap for a 6mp camera. We paid $225 for it. I've already taken several pictures and I really like it. I have 90 days to decide if I'm going to keep it but I think that I'm already

Well, I guess that's it for now. This week has been a good week and I have MUCH to be thankful for this year.



Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Christmas Calendar layouts 2007

Here's the month of February. Allison really has a knack for this, especially the backgrounds.


Monday, November 20, 2006

Christmas Calendar layouts 2007

Here is the first month for the calendar Allison and I are making. It's Isaac's birthday month so he's the star du You all will have to tell me if the red-eye fix we did isn't right. We tried!lol
My Goals for this week...

Ok, so I'm hoping for a little more than survival but it's a good place to start.

1.Deep clean the house. I'm already working on this and feeling a little overwhelmed. I'm going through each room, decluttering and cleaning. Not on the scale of Emily, (I doubt my baseboards will ever get a but really trying to make the house shine this holiday season. I hope to have most of my cleaning done by Tuesday night. Of course I'll need to do some surface cleaning before my guests arrive on Thursday but I don't want to still be cleaning heavy by then.

2.We are in the process of making the traditional photo calendar. It needs to be completed by November 30th to get the sale price from Snapfish. We figured out how to make collages with Photoshop and then only upload the one picture to the snapfish site. It's very hard work but Allison and I know how much it means to the extended family. Usually, we can only get up to 4 photos on a calendar page, but using photoshop, we can make a huge collage with many pictures and it only counts as one photo. We think the grandparents will like the new look.

3.Baking, baking, baking! I need to begin baking by Wednesday but would like to start on Tuesday if my cleaning is almost done. If I can start on Tuesday, I'll make all the cookie dough that day and then do the actual baking on Wed. Most of the cookie recipes need to be refridgerated so it would be great to have them done a day ahead of time. I also need to bake the pie since I won't have room for it on Thursday.

4.Thanksgiving! We're having our guests over at 5pm and I would like to have the house decorated by then. We usually decorate the tree and house on Thanksgiving so it would be nice if they all got to see how nice the house looks. This will be Isaac's first Christmas where he'll be old enough to get into trouble, uh, I mean "enjoy" the So I need to do some planning or this could become a disaster.

5.Take time to help the kids finish their lapbook. I would really like for them to accomplish this goal, although it may be hard with everything that needs to be done. I'm still going to give it a

I guess that's it for now. I'm sure that there are things that I've forgotten but I really need to get going! The first thing on my list is grocery shopping...


Sunday, November 19, 2006

Autumn frizz. lol
My Menu for this week...

I have no idea what we'll have for lunch.LOL We have plenty lying around and I'm not going to buy anything extra. Probably a combo of freezer stuff, boxed stuff, and fruit.(Maybe some canned stuff thrown in for good


Spaghetti w/garlic bread and salad
Hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill w/french fries and salad
Split Pea soup w/french bread and salad
Pasta Carbonara w/steamed broccoli and salad
Turkey casserole w/stuffing, white sauce, and cheese on top and whatever leftovers there are from Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Menu

Ham(from MIL)
Mashed potatoes
Sweet Potato Pudding
Greenbean Casserole(from MIL)
Salad(from MIL)
Homemade bread
Lemon pie(from MIL)
Pumpkin pie
Cookie tray w/sugar, chocolate chip, oatmeal crispies, and candy cane cookies

We'll be having my brother, Mother in law, sister in law, and brother in law for dinner. It should be nice to have company! I'll need to be careful not to do too much but otherwise, it should be fun. I'll start cooking either Tues or Wed and try to get alot of prep work out of the way. Remember to put your Turkeys in the fridge today or they will be frozen!



Friday, November 17, 2006

Where in the world did today go?! I can't find it for the life of I decided today to run one of my weekend errands because I haven't been doing so well on the weekends now that the kids have football on Saturdays and practice on Sundays. Just seems like by the time everything is over, I'm just too tired to do anything else. So off we went first thing this morning to Staples. I desperately needed to run more copies off from Genevieve's preschool curriculum. I made 124 copies that should last us a few weeks, then got some needed office supplies. We picked up some colored file folders, glue, a poster board for the Good Noodle chart, more finger paint since Isaac used up the last stuff, some bigger finger paint paper in hopes that he'll actually use the paper instead of my table, and something else that I can no longer remember.LOL We got home just in time to order the new Hands and Hearts Far East Kit, which I just got an e-mail stating it's already been shipped. Wow! That's fast! I made us a lunch of homemade pizzas and then started packing us up for the park. The park is kind of far from our home and I like to make sure that we are prepared for anything once we get there, as I'd hate to have to come right back home for something. We got to the park at noon and I figured we'd play for an hour and then we'd be ready for home. Wishful We ended up staying for 2 1/2 hours! Whew! The weather was just beautiful, not too cold but not too warm either. The littles were so happy to be there that they played I ended up meeting some homeschool moms there, just by chance and enjoyed talking with them for a while. I'm not sure if we'll fit in but it was nice to have some company. When we finally left the park, Isaac fell asleep before we got out of the parking It's been 3-4 weeks since everyone was well enough to go and they really made up for it. We got home at 3. Since then, I've done some school with Evie, made the good noodle chart, and got some cleaning done. I've also been able to get a couple of loads of wash done and dinner started. We're having baked potato bar tonight.

I wanted to update on the GREAT SALAD EXPERIMENT. lol I made a salad with almost every meal this week and I noticed something. I was able to decrease the amount of main dish at almost every meal! Also, we all left the table full. I mean, I don't feel like dessert or snacking, full. Very worth the extra effort and I plan on keeping it on the menu from now on. My hope is that it will eventually have an effect on our waist lines and on our general health. I am just awful at making things low fat and my hope is that instead of needing to go "low fat", I might be able to offer enough healthy foods with our main dishes and fill them up with I'm trying to be Well, I guess that's our Friday. Next week will be very busy with Isaac's surgery, my glucose test, and Thanksgiving. I pray that everyone has a wonderful weekend and that you all remember to put your turkeys in the fridge on SUNDAY!!



Thursday, November 16, 2006

Here are my youngest and oldest playing together. Allison loves M&M's so she was eating them for Isaac, who prefers

We finished our learning today by doing M&M math. Genevieve really got a kick out of this. I just used markers to make patterns that she was to recreate with her candy.

She was so proud of her work today. I love the look on her face!


Here's Isaac sampling his

Today we used the Picture Book Activities curriculum that I got this week. We read the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom because we've been working on the alphabet. After we read the book I had the kids work on forming letters out of playdough, while I began carving letters out of potatoes. After they had finished with the playdough, I gave them some watered down tempura paint in paper plates and let them do some stamp art. They LOVED this activity! They ended up painting for a good 20 minutes and even came back to it a couple of times before I cleaned it up. Jon wanted me to cut an apple in half to show the littles the star but both littles didn't understand the concept and Isaac ended up eating his side and Evie painted her whole After this we broke for lunch and will probably try doing a few more of the activities listed for this book later. One thing I've noticed about actually using this book is that the activities really only contain supplies that I really have on hand. The only thing I don't have today is coconut for the baking section and that's because my little ones don't like it, so we'll skip that activity or maybe just make the cookies without it.
It's been a pretty fun day!
Oh and yesterday I did finish making the cranberry relish and coleslaw. Hopefully they are enjoying it right now. The kids game was forfeited by the other team so they just had practice and we ended up having Larry's Giant Subs for dinner to preserve my Today's dinner is Ham and Bean soup that I've already got simmering on the stove. The older kids have PE in a little while and are working on the lapbook right now. So far, so good.

More pictures of fingerpainting. Isaac wouldn't get out of his highchair until we gave him the paints and let him Luckily, bath-time was scheduled for right after this.


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Today is BUSY! The kids got to work first thing this morning and were able to get some work done before we had to do some running. First, my cellphones came in the mail! I set them to charging and was so excited! My mom called at 10:30 asking if we wanted to come to lunch and I said sure! I picked Chick-Fila because they have an indoor playplace for littles and my littles really needed to get out and run off some After we ate, we went to Kohl's. Now, I think I've only been there twice but each time I just went in, got what I needed and left This time, it seemed as though everyone needed stuff so I got to see most of the gigantic We left Allison in the women's section to look for some pants, as some of her pants are showing a lot of wear, dropped Jon off in the boy's section to find some new jeans, since he's grown an inch this past month, and my mom and I worked our way to the maternity section. Boy, was it I found a new shirt that was 40% off and that was it. Then we looked at the strategically placed baby clothes right next to the maternity section. We found three really cute outfits for the new baby and some PJ's for Evie and Isaac that were on sale. My mom got each little a new outfit. I went and looked at their toy section and found some cute things for the littles. I found a Littlest Petshop toy that looked like it would be fun for Evie and I also found a lot of trucks and such for Isaac. He loved one so much that I couldn't even wrestle it away to pay for it, the lady had to scan it from his Jon came back around that time with 3 pairs of jeans, size 16 with the adjustable waistband. Excellent job, Jon! He wanted to look for Christmas toys for the littles and I said sure, so we left him there and began our journey back to the front of the store to Allison. She didn't find any jeans, she's tall and thin and has a hard time finding a good fit. We did find some jogging suit type of pants with a cute pull over jacket type thing and a few shirts. Everything was deeply discounted and the store was quite busy for the afternoon. We waited for Jon and then paid. They gave me my mom's senior discount and I ended up saving an extra 15%! What a blessing! I didn't even ask them, they just asked if my mom was a senior and applied the discount. Once we got to the car, Evie asked if she could go home with mom and mom said sure, so off they went. Isaac completely forgot about everything we bought by the time we got home and everything got tucked safely in my I finished setting up the new phones and the older kids started working on the lapbook. I really think they are both enjoying this project and I think I'll be putting more into their learning for the rest of the year. Now it's clear why the kids enjoy the science so much, it's

Now for the rest of the day...

I have to make cranberry relish and coleslaw for my dh's work tomorrow. They are having a Thanksgiving luncheon. And the kids have a football game tonight at 5pm! Yikes! They are very excited and are hoping to win this one. I'm sure they'll have a great time no matter what.



Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Chaos! That was the order of the day today, although I didn't get the memo ahead of Boy, do I feel worn out. The littles were just so busy that I could hardly keep up. Isaac is red and green right now. Yes, I was watching him, he just wouldn't let go of those markers.

After a breakfast of fresh, hot pancakes, I started the day by finally opening up my new printer that Eric bought me. I printed out the older kids Thanksgiving lapbook and got them started. Then, I printed out Jen's veggie and fruit sorting file folder game. Isaac tasted each piece and deemed them; mmmm, good!LOL Genevieve was anxious to get some school done but every time I got something out for her, Isaac would have a temper tantrum. Finally, I gave him the markers so that we could get to work. He decided that his paper wasn't just right so he colored the table, himself, and his clothing, all while I tried to wrestle the markers away from him. Well, I still wasn't savvy enough to realize that this was the "theme" for today, so I took the markers and gave him his Do-A-Dot paints. He proceeded to paint my table and everything within "painting" Oh well, I did do some work with Evie throughout this mess but I feel like I just ran a marathon. We learned about the letter C today and reviewed the letters that we've already done. She's really learning alot, in spite of Isaac, and I think that everything I've pulled together is working well for her.

OH, I finally received my copy of Picture Book Activities from Amazon's Marketplace. It took 2 days to get it used while it has taken me close to 3 months to quit waiting for it new from Amazon. It looks really good and I'm going to incorporate it into our week this week. I happen to have most of the books that it covers and am just going to pick and choose what we do in it. It is not what I would consider a full curriculum for preschoolers but it has some really fun activities in it. Here's a small sample of what it has... First you read the book listed, Corduroy, then you discuss the book, do an arts and crafts activity (button necklaces), then it has a cooking and baking exercise (button cookies), then a section called fun and games (a game called button, button), then Let's pretend (toy store), Music and movement (Teddy bear, teddy bear), play and learn (button play) and then a list of enrichment activities. Pretty cool and I think that it'll go hand in hand with her letter learning activities. She's really enjoying all the books we've been reading together and I know she'll love the activities.

The older kids have been working on their very first lap book about Thanksgiving. I got it free from . They are really enjoying it and hopefully will have it done by Thanksgiving. I'll post some pictures once they have more done.

Right now, the older kids are at PE and the youngers are watching Dora the Explorer to give me a break from the chaos of this I'm thinking I just don't have the stamina that I used to have.

Well, that's about it for today. I'm hoping for a less urgent and rushed pace for the rest of our day. I've got some house keeping things that need to be finished and the older kids have some more work to accomplish. I think the littles will spend some time outside and then I'll get out the playdough or paint. (yes, I'm a glutton for



Monday, November 13, 2006

The first half of today has been spent catching up on all the things I couldn't do while sick. I never made it shopping this weekend, just felt too terrible, so off we all went. Now I remember why I usually do this on the weekend while the kids are with My bill was huge! I'm not telling how bad it was but just imagine how bad yours would be if you had been in survival mode for three weeks and had just about depleted your pantry and your dh had been doing the shopping for those weeks.lolol If it wasn't on the list, he didn't get it and if you didn't specify how much you needed of a certain item, he got one. I'm NOT complaining. I was extremely grateful for his help, just trying to paint an acurate picture of my shopping today. The whole trip took 2 hours and the kids were great. Other than needing to sample whatever was there to sample, they really didn't add much to the bill. It was mostly needing to refill the pantry that made it so bad.

I found some Organic Kraft Mac and Cheese on the shelves today! I usually get Annie's but decided to try this instead. It's good! We are eating it for lunch now.

I also cleaned out the fridge when we returned from shopping. I usually do this each week but unfortunately, I let that go while illness reigned. It was quite a mess and I have a lot of dishes to wash after lunch. Another good reason for not letting things pile

I plan on starting the wash as soon as I'm done eating. At least I kept up with that. Then I'll begin checking the kids work from last week and scheduling out what they'll do this week. Pretty much, today's a wash for school but at least I'm feeling better today! Yes, that's right, I'm actually starting to feel better! What a blessing! I was beginning to think that the med's weren't going to work and this morning I could definitely feel a difference. Whew! It would be so nice to be back to my normal Now to begin hooking up my new printer and start putting together more things for the little's preschool and I'm thinking of doing a Thanksgiving lapbook with the older kids. Them getting excited about making butter made me think that perhaps they might not remember all the things we did when they were younger and they may enjoy and learn some things from going back and redoing those kinds of activities. It certainly wouldn't

Well, I've got PLANS and I better get



Sunday, November 12, 2006

My Menu for this week...


Mac and Cheese
Chicken nuggets
Fish Sticks
Chicken soup


Roast beef w/potatoes, carrots, onions and salad
Grilled Chicken w/rice, grilled asparagus, and salad
Taco Stuff
Ham and Bean soup w/french bread and salad
Baked potato bar w/shrimp scampi and salad

Salad is the theme of the I'm going to try to incorporate more veggies into our diets by adding a salad to each meal. I'm also going to continue adding a smoothie day at least 2x this week.

I really haven't done much this weekend. I've just been trying to feel better from this sinus infection and the antibiotics are taking their time in healing The kids had their game yesterday and I was told that it was a real nail-biter. They lost in double overtime but the kids said it was probably the best game they've even played in. I love that even though they lost, they still came home excited and happy about the game. I think the Y has really helped all the kids to just play and enjoy instead of being upset or worried about who's winning. Good job, Y!

I'll have to give my goals for this week some thought. I'm hoping I'll feel better soon and then I'll be ready to do alot more than I can right now. Well, I guess I know what my main goal will be...getting better so that I can take better care of my As is, for now, I'll be happy if I can get in my house-keeping and a game day this next week. I also want to accomplish more preschool with the littles this week. I've got some things printed out, so I'll just use those until I'm feeling better, then I'll go out and copy some more.

I hope everyone has a blessed week!


Friday, November 10, 2006

Today was a pretty good day. I started the day cleaning. I needed to go through Evie's clothes and sort out the stuff she's outgrown and needed to organize her drawers again because they were a mess. I went through the house and did a surface clean and then I turned to focus on the kids...

I got some preschool done with Evie today. We worked on the letter B. She glued a paper bear together and learned how to draw balloons. We also added to our alphabet caterpillar. For her snack time, we made some butter. The older kids got involved with that project and it was so much fun to watch them! We've done this project at least 2 times in the past but neither remembered it and they were so excited about the different stages that heavy cream goes through to get to butter. After it became butter, they all sampled some on bread and were Evie wanted to do more but I have to admit that I ran out of gas. I've been battling this sinus infection for over a week and felt so bad I needed to lie down.

Isaac had a doctor's appt at 4 today. He has to have one prior to his laser surgery each time. Eric came home and took him. I was so thankful since I'm just feeling terrible. Isaac came back with a clean bill of health and will have his surgery on Nov. 21. This will be his 9th or 10th, I really can't remember right now. All I know is that it's way more than any small child should have to go through. I am extremely thankful for the children's hospital here. They are soooo good with him and he does so much better here than he did in Miami.

The kids have another football game tomorrow at 11am. They are very excited and will go skating right after the game.

I'm 25 weeks today! It's so exciting to be this close to being done! This has been a good pregnancy so far and I'm praying that my body can hold up all the way to the So far, so good.

We were finally able to order our new cellphones through Amazon and they should come sometime next week. It was such a pain but the cost was worth it. We got two Razr phones for a penny each and they are going to give us a $75.00 rebate. We went through T-Mobile and hopefully their service will be better than Cingular's. We had wonderful service down in Miami but as soon as we moved our phones were useless.

Our new couch is wonderful and has helped our family spend more time together. I find us gathering in the family room more and more often. It has been such a blessing!

I guess that's it. I'm so glad today is Friday. It'll be nice to have some help so that I can concentrate on getting better. I have plans for next week so I need to get


Healthy Version of Chicken Noodle Soup(LOL)

1 whole chicken
1 onion
1 celery stick
1 carrot
1 hand full of parsley

Boil for 1 hour. Remove chicken and debone. Remove the onion, celery, and carrot. Return chicken into the pot and add:

1 celery stick, chopped
1 onion, chopped
2 carrots, chopped
2 cups frozen mixed veggies
2 small potatoes, diced
2 tsp garlic, minced

Add seasonings. 2 tsp salt and 1/4 tsp pepper, to taste.

Boil until veggies are soft. Add noodles or dumplings. Cook additional 10-20 min.

LLL Baking Mix

8 cups whole wheat flour
5 T baking powder
1 T salt
1-2 cup dry milk powder
1 1/2 cup oil

combine and use just like Bisquick. Add 2 cups mix to 2/3 cup milk and drop into boiling stew. Cook 10 min uncovered and 10 min covered, on low. Enjoy!

Chicken Noodle Soup

(fast easy version, when you yourself are sick and don't feel like a huge production.lolol)

3-4 boneless chicken breasts,
1 celery stick, chopped
1 onion, chopped
2 tsp garlic, minced
2 cups frozen mixed veggies (carrots, greenbeans, lima beans, corn, peas)
2 carrots, chopped
2 small potatoes, diced
3 chicken bouillion cubes
in a pot full of water.

Boil until chicken is done, then take out chicken and chop up. Add it back to the pot.

Add seasonings. I like a liberal sprinkling of Natures Seasonings and about 2 tsp salt.

Now, add your noodles, I like No Yolks brand and I add half a bag. If you are going to add dumplings, add those now also. I just use Bisquick most days for dumplings but Whole Foods for the Whole Family has a good recipe for homemade ones. Boil uncovered for 10 minutes. If no dumplings, then it's done! If you have dumplings, cover for 10 more minutes and then it's done. The soup will turn creamy with the addition of noodles and look like you added cream of something but really no milk was added. It's very good!



Thursday, November 09, 2006

I figured I'd better post about today before I get so tired that I skip Today was also a crazy day. I woke several times this morning before it finally The last wake up was a phone call from my mom, she wanted to know if Evie could go with her to get her car fixed. I said sure and then raced to get her and everyone else presentable before my mom got So much for worrying about keeping up with Evie in the preschool front. I have plenty for next week, since we've been so busy.

I spent the day doing laundry, cleaning the house and making playdough for the swap bags. The older kids got all their school work completed while I worked and Isaac, bless him, kept himself busy with his Geotrax trainset. I took the kids to PE and then mailed the swap bags after lunch. Then Isaac and I spent some time together and before we knew it, it was time to pick everyone up. After getting the older kids, I stopped by moms to see if Evie was ready to come home. She wasn't but I took her As I keep saying, Evie makes a great only child. Too bad she's the third in our home.lolol

Now the littles are playing in the sand box while Allison keeps an eye out on them and I'm making homemade chicken noodle soup since I'm still not feeling well.

That's our very busy day. Not very exciting but very



Here's the rocker/recliner chair. I'm really looking forward to using this with the new baby!

Here's the new couch!
Yesterday just got away from me! I woke up later than usual and I had my dr's appt for 10:15, so by the time everyone was fed, clothed, and groomed, it was time for me to leave. I've been sick, so this is one appt that I was looking forward It went fine. The dr was happy with my ultrasound and he prescribed me an antibiotic for my sinus infection. Also said I can take any Tylenol products, like Tylenol Sinus or cold. I've never heard this before, but I'm

After I got home, my mom took Jon out to lunch for Sushi. He loves Sushi and she's the only other person who'll eat They had a great time and while they were gone Allison and I got the house ready for our "new to us" couch and recliner! We had to move some stuff around to make room for our old futon to fit in the library and we also vacuumed where the new couch was going. When mom and Jon got done, she came over and picked up Allison and Evie and took them to her house for the BIG My mom has graciously given us her living room furniture, since she decided to redecorate and get something new for her living room. What an answer to prayer! We really needed something and have been saving for a new couch but to tell the truth, I was a little afraid to BUY something that little people will be If you only knew how much our little futon has gone through.

When the moving crew got to our house, they had quite the time getting our new couch into the house! My dad had to take the front door off in order for it to fit and I was so proud of my two older kids who, with my brother, were the ones who moved it into the house! It's one of those sleeper bed couches and was extremely heavy but they did it. By the time everything was done, it was time for me to make dinner. What a day! I made split pea soup and while it was cooking, Isaac fell asleep after all the

After dinner, Eric and I escaped for a few minutes to CVS for my antibiotics and to Publix for milk. It was nice to have a little alone time and not have to take someone Once we got home, I was done. Well, o.k. I did the dishes and then I was

I'll take some pictures of the new couch and upload it soon. It was a really good day and I'm so happy to have some furniture.



Here is Evie's new hair do. She was in a goofy mood and this is the best of three She loves her hair cut! She can actually brush it herself without the usual screaming and running away. Whoohoo!lol


Here is Evie's work from Monday. The top picture is an ant, the bottom is an apple tree and in the middle is our alphabet caterpillar. I already posted Tuesday's work of fingerpainting and well Wednesday didn't go as I'll write later.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

All is quiet right now. lol How's that for 6pm? We had a busy day of learning and then running around. First we did school, then my mom came over to drop something off and decided to take Genevieve with her. The older kids had PE today so it was really nice for her to have something to do. It was raining when I went to pick up the older kids so I decided to run by mom's to see if I could pick up Evie also. Well, we ended up staying for over an hour and we tired poor Isaac We were running late for the kids football game and needed to rush home for their uniforms and such but when we got home there was a message saying it was cancelled because of the rain. Hurray for me!lol We had left Evie at mom's because mom wanted to trim her hair, so off we went to pick her up. Isaac fell asleep and when we got to moms, Evie wouldn't Mom had invited her to stay for dinner and she wasn't going to leave without it. So here I am with nothing to do but

I made spaghetti for dinner early tonight because I was starving, so the older kids are taking turns doing their chores and playing outside. I have a doctor's appt tomorrow morning and hopefully he will give me something for this sinus infection. I'm considering hiring a Doula instead of trying to change doctors. I've heard that they are great for getting you what you want during labor and for keeping those darn nurses at bay. (You know, the ones who tell you to lie flat on your back during your whole labor and try to convince you that you don't need to go potty even though you've been able to tell when you need to go since you were I can handle this doctor during my pregnancy, maybe, but I know I don't want him to be in charge when I'm in labor. I still have time to decide for sure what I want but I'm trying to consider all options.

Well, Evie's home and I'm really worn out today so I think that it's time to get her settled down and me laying down.


Here is our first foray into finger painting. As you can tell, Genevieve found the process quite
Isaac, on the other hand, was quite a natural. I didn't even have to show him what to do. Of course, next time I'll give him a bigger piece of

Here he is, before he got so messy that he had to be

Monday, November 06, 2006

Here are the Cheese-topped Pork Chops. They were really good! I also did one chicken breast to see what it would taste like and it was good too! The kids said it tasted like Heavenly Chicken and I agree. I grilled the meat and then topped it with the cheese, then baked it in the oven. YUM!



One of my goals for this week was beginning preschool with the littles today. After two temper tantrums from Genevieve and one from Isaac, I can safely say that we did preschool today.LOL We worked on the letter A and did a theme of Apples and Ants. I had a book that I bought from Kate from called Jumbo Fun with the Alphabet and I primarily used this today. Evie had a good time learning about apples and ants today. First we started our Alphabet Caterpillar with the letter A, then we put an apple together and I cut open an apple so that she could see what it looked like inside. I cut up the apple and that was her snack. We read the book The Seasons of Arnold's Apple Tree by Gail Gibbons. We learned how to draw an ant and we drew them going up and down an ant hill. Then I brought out the paints and had Evie paint her own apple tree and ant. She used a lot of creative license in her We did a couple of other activities in the book that Eric copied for me on Sunday and then I ran out of things to do! Yikes! She's so gung ho that we tore through all that in less than an hour. She kept asking for more but I finally called a recess and let them in the back My desperate hope is that some of my books that I reserved at the library will be in soon. I may have to do more than one letter a week just to keep her happy, which means Isaac will not be able to keep up. I guess that'll be o.k. it's not rocket science and the review from the books should help Evie to remember what she learns. My plan was to use this book along with the on-line curriculum from to give her more to do but it looks like it still won't be enough. I'm thinking about joining to fill in her learning. I'm really surprised that I'm having this problem. When I tried preschool with her a few months ago she just couldn't keep her attention on anything, now I have the opposite problem.LOL Tomorrow we are going to do the Letter of the Week curriculum and also Little Hands to Heaven day one and two. I still want to go slow and let her guide me in how much to do each day. I'm thinking she may slow down once we establish a routine. We'll see. Isaac was happy to just go with the flow. He liked the markers the most and has the stripes to show for

While I was running around like a crazy person trying to keep these two busy, my older kids started a fresh week of school themselves. I checked their work from the last two weeks early this morning, then wrote out their schedules for this week. I'm having some accountability problems with the kids lately. It's really discouraging but I'm hanging in there. When the littles were sick two weeks ago, the older kids just quit working even though I didn't take them from their work. I really think they did it because they knew I was focused on the littles and they figured they could get away with it. Now they are paying the piper and it isn't fun for any of us. I'm really tired of these games.

I am trying to find a balance between home and school, littles and big, inside and outside activities, really, life in I've got the house figured out, now for the

Well, that's it for now. I'm making QB's porkchops right now and I'm starving! I'll let you all know how they turn out.



Sunday, November 05, 2006

My menu for this week


Chicken nuggets
Fish Sticks
Mac & Cheese


Cheese-topped Pork Chops (from Queenbee's blog) w/steamed veggies and rice
Roast Beef w/root veggies
Chicken Noodle Soup
Split Pea Soup w/homemade bread
Taco Pie w/toppings
Spaghetti Pie w/garlic bread

What can I say? Today has been one of those days where you WANT to get things done but just can' We woke up to a very rainy-yucky kind of day. I had such high hopes, Eric and I decided that it was just too risky to take Isaac out in this weather so we began the wait game. I made a list of all the different errands that needed to be run, plus made my grocery list and did some research on the computer. Isaac spent the morning having The rain continued. Finally, Isaac fell asleep and we ALL breathed a sigh of Eric offered to run some of the errands while I laid down since I'm battling a sinus infection. I took him up on his offer and he's out right now getting the groceries.

Eric also went to the office supply place and made copies for me and bought me a new color printer, since ours died and De'Etta said that the veggie/fruit sorting game wouldn't be the same without He also got me a three-hole punch since ours didn't seem to make the move with us. Don't know how that I totally forgot to put file folders on my list for the office store so I think I'll just use the plain manilla ones I have here on hand. Won't be as colorful but they'll do. Still haven't made it to the cellphone store. I needed one about 3 times today while Eric was out but we'll I guess it'll keep our spending down since I was going to call him for more Guess that's been our day so far. Isaac is STILL asleep and Evie got out of the house for a while. It's been a pretty good day, even though MY plans were



Saturday, November 04, 2006

Today was a busy day! We had some running around to do first thing in the morning. Allison flew off her bike last night and scraped both hands and bruised her knee and she had a football game at 1, so we went to Walmart to look for latex-free bandaids and gloves for her to wear during the game. I also bought our first pink outfits for the new baby!LOL We found the bandaids but they just didn't have any football supplies besides mouth guards, which I bought two of "just in case." By now, Isaac was DONE. So we quickly headed to the He cried all the way home and I wasn't sure about taking him out again. Eric took Allison to the sports place to find gloves and I stayed home and nursed my sinus infection and loved on my baby. They got home just in time to eat lunch and then we decided that we would take the littles to the game and if it was too much, I'd just come home and pick them up after the game was over. Well, the littles had a GREAT time and played on the playsets they have next to the fields and really enjoyed being out and about. I got to see the game and it was exciting! Allison and Jon's team WON! Pretty cool! Allison pulled the flags of one player and she also got to run the ball. Jon was very good at blocking the quarterback. They both had a great time and I was glad that we got those gloves. After the game, which I didn't take any pictures of because I didn't think I was going so I didn't remember to bring the camera (lol), we all broke up and went different Both my parents and Eric's mom showed up to the game and they divied up the kids amongst them. My parents took Evie and my MIL took Jon and we got Allison and Allison was too sore to do anything else and Isaac just wasn't well enough to go anywhere else. We came home and he went right to sleep and slept until 6 pm., about 4 hours. Poor fella. Eric and I cancelled our cell phone service and began looking for a new company. I think that just about ate up our whole We finally decided on T-Mobile and found the phones we wanted and then found them cheaper on Amazon, so we went through the whole process of picking it all out from there and then it didn't go through.UGH! SOOO frustrating! It seems to be a problem with Amazon, so we're hoping that we'll be able to try again tomorrow but we are also going to go to a store and see if they can give us the deal, if not then I don't know WHAT we'll do. Probably start all over After all that, we ate a dinner of takeout pizza and then bathed the littles and I did the dishes since Allison is all scraped up right now.

All in all, it was a good day and hopefully tomorrow will be even better!



Friday, November 03, 2006

Today was an unexpected rest day for me.LOL My mom called and offered to take the three older kids to lunch at 11am and the mall today and I said yes!lol I'm still battling this cold, I'm not too bad but it still sounded wonderful to have my cabin fevered kids out for a while. I asked her to look for coats for the littles and she found really nice ones at JC Penney's, half-off. Evie's is pink and Isaac's is blue. Five minutes after they left, Isaac fell asleep on the living room floor watching Oswald. That was an unexpected bonus as he's been quite cranky. I left him there because I was afraid he'd wake up if I touched Anyway, he's still asleep and it's almost 3pm right now. Poor guy's had a rough 2 weeks. I finally moved him 2 hours ago so I could benefit from this empty-ish house and get some cleaning done. It's amazing how much can be accomplished when no one's undoing whatever you've already The kids just got home half an hour ago and are playing or working quietly in their rooms. They had a good time and I did too! I got out all the preschool stuff and tore out the things that need copying tomorrow and I downloaded a bunch of stuff. I also printed out a bunch of things for next week. I'll run all my errands tomorrow while Eric's home, just in case Isaac isn't ready for going out. He may need another sleep day.

Normally, today would have been park day but we had a cold front move through last night that is producing 20 mph wind gusts and with them just getting better I called it off. It was really nice of my Mom to step in and take them out today. I'm sure it was a real blessing to my kids also!


Thursday, November 02, 2006

Today has been a very relaxed day. The older kids are recooperating, so we took the day just to straighten up and get the house under control. We went through each room just picking up the general clutter that had taken over while I've been sick. It really wasn't too bad, which makes me think that the habits are forming in the kids. I got some laundry done and I made homemade waffles for breakfast and homemade pizza for lunch. I am so glad that I did my shopping last Friday but I think that the kids are getting tired of what's left over after a whole week's I'm going to try to run by the store today after I drop off the older kids at football practice. I would normally make them stay home because they are just getting over this illness but tonight is picture day so they really need to show up.

Genevieve is starting to get cabin fever from the 2 weeks she's been stuck at home, so she's been a bit of a handful today. Isaac's fever finally broke and he's as cantankous as he normally is while ill. lol It made for a good day off, just to focus on resting and finally getting rid of this horrible illness.

I'm hoping to make it to the office supply store this weekend so that I can get some lapbooking supplies. Also, I'm thinking of making a "Good Noodle" chart like on Spongebob. I'm going to glue uncooked noodles to a poster board for each good decision/or job made or done by Genevieve and Jon. I'm thinking Allison is too old and Isaac is too young but will leave room for him as he gets older. I really like the idea of focusing on the positive, instead of always reacting to the negative. This idea comes from De'Etta. It's taken me a while to get to the chart because I've never been a chart kind of person but what I'm realizing is that my two in the middle are very goal oriented and I think this will help them. I want the lapbooking supplies for Evie and Isaac. I'm also going to start more preschool with each of them. I've been waiting for a certain book but Amazon keeps pushing back the estimated delivery time and I'm just going to start without it.LOL So, my plan is to get a lot of copies run off of things I do have and really get started this next week. Evie especially needs this, she's been bored lately and that's never

Now that my home is where I want it to be, I'm going to be focusing a lot more on the kids. I'm going to be adding in a game day to make sure that we spend enough fun time together, just incorporating fun into our day. Evie's been playing chutes and ladders and candy land lately and is really enjoying those games, it made me realize she isn't so little any longer. That really opens up a lot of options in games and such. I'm thinking we'll play out the games we have and I'll stock up on some for Christmas.

I guess that's about it for now. I have to admit that I'm still sick so probably am not making much sense right now but would like to get these ideas down so that I can remember I am really looking forward to a normal week next week. Just to have the kids well and healthy will be a real blessing.


Here is a picture of our newest baby! Well, it's a picture of the The actual picture is extremely clear but this is as good as I could get with my camera.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Everything looked great and I got some great pictures of my new little one. Everyone is so excited and we can't wait until we are well enough to go buy some pink What a blessing!!!