Saturday, November 04, 2006

Today was a busy day! We had some running around to do first thing in the morning. Allison flew off her bike last night and scraped both hands and bruised her knee and she had a football game at 1, so we went to Walmart to look for latex-free bandaids and gloves for her to wear during the game. I also bought our first pink outfits for the new baby!LOL We found the bandaids but they just didn't have any football supplies besides mouth guards, which I bought two of "just in case." By now, Isaac was DONE. So we quickly headed to the He cried all the way home and I wasn't sure about taking him out again. Eric took Allison to the sports place to find gloves and I stayed home and nursed my sinus infection and loved on my baby. They got home just in time to eat lunch and then we decided that we would take the littles to the game and if it was too much, I'd just come home and pick them up after the game was over. Well, the littles had a GREAT time and played on the playsets they have next to the fields and really enjoyed being out and about. I got to see the game and it was exciting! Allison and Jon's team WON! Pretty cool! Allison pulled the flags of one player and she also got to run the ball. Jon was very good at blocking the quarterback. They both had a great time and I was glad that we got those gloves. After the game, which I didn't take any pictures of because I didn't think I was going so I didn't remember to bring the camera (lol), we all broke up and went different Both my parents and Eric's mom showed up to the game and they divied up the kids amongst them. My parents took Evie and my MIL took Jon and we got Allison and Allison was too sore to do anything else and Isaac just wasn't well enough to go anywhere else. We came home and he went right to sleep and slept until 6 pm., about 4 hours. Poor fella. Eric and I cancelled our cell phone service and began looking for a new company. I think that just about ate up our whole We finally decided on T-Mobile and found the phones we wanted and then found them cheaper on Amazon, so we went through the whole process of picking it all out from there and then it didn't go through.UGH! SOOO frustrating! It seems to be a problem with Amazon, so we're hoping that we'll be able to try again tomorrow but we are also going to go to a store and see if they can give us the deal, if not then I don't know WHAT we'll do. Probably start all over After all that, we ate a dinner of takeout pizza and then bathed the littles and I did the dishes since Allison is all scraped up right now.

All in all, it was a good day and hopefully tomorrow will be even better!



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