Friday, November 24, 2006

Here, Isaac discovers the tree for the first time this morning. I'm glad we only use unbreakable
Isaac and Genevieve "fixing" the tree.

He just loves the new shiny balls I bought for the


De'Etta said...

Our tree is hilarious. I have some of those crafty ones that stay up year round in my living room. . . they have snowmen on them....and then the tree that is now in my room....well....Jamin - ever my practical one wouldn't let anyone put lights or ornaments any lower than 2.5 feet from the ground. It looks so funny...but his reasoning is that it would keep Stacia out of the tree.....of course it isn't working real swell but he tried.

Lisa in Jax said...

lol I did that one year also but then found it easier just to put cheap plastic balls on the bottom of the tree and let the littles enjoy. They LOVE moving them around and redecorating the tree over and over. Yes, it's messy but this way they get to enjoy the tree