Thursday, November 16, 2006

Today we used the Picture Book Activities curriculum that I got this week. We read the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom because we've been working on the alphabet. After we read the book I had the kids work on forming letters out of playdough, while I began carving letters out of potatoes. After they had finished with the playdough, I gave them some watered down tempura paint in paper plates and let them do some stamp art. They LOVED this activity! They ended up painting for a good 20 minutes and even came back to it a couple of times before I cleaned it up. Jon wanted me to cut an apple in half to show the littles the star but both littles didn't understand the concept and Isaac ended up eating his side and Evie painted her whole After this we broke for lunch and will probably try doing a few more of the activities listed for this book later. One thing I've noticed about actually using this book is that the activities really only contain supplies that I really have on hand. The only thing I don't have today is coconut for the baking section and that's because my little ones don't like it, so we'll skip that activity or maybe just make the cookies without it.
It's been a pretty fun day!
Oh and yesterday I did finish making the cranberry relish and coleslaw. Hopefully they are enjoying it right now. The kids game was forfeited by the other team so they just had practice and we ended up having Larry's Giant Subs for dinner to preserve my Today's dinner is Ham and Bean soup that I've already got simmering on the stove. The older kids have PE in a little while and are working on the lapbook right now. So far, so good.


De'Etta said...

Yes, this is the book that I'm still waiting for but I've decided now that I hope it doesn't come. LOL It looks like great fun but I'm tired of being delayed on it and have found a huge teacher store here in town with lots of pre-school things I could choose wait. LOL

Cute pictures...loved Isaac eating his art.

Lisa in Jax said...

I think I'd skip it if I were you. It's nice, but nothing really new.

I love my camera. Just point and shoot and I've been getting some really good pictures