Monday, November 13, 2006

The first half of today has been spent catching up on all the things I couldn't do while sick. I never made it shopping this weekend, just felt too terrible, so off we all went. Now I remember why I usually do this on the weekend while the kids are with My bill was huge! I'm not telling how bad it was but just imagine how bad yours would be if you had been in survival mode for three weeks and had just about depleted your pantry and your dh had been doing the shopping for those weeks.lolol If it wasn't on the list, he didn't get it and if you didn't specify how much you needed of a certain item, he got one. I'm NOT complaining. I was extremely grateful for his help, just trying to paint an acurate picture of my shopping today. The whole trip took 2 hours and the kids were great. Other than needing to sample whatever was there to sample, they really didn't add much to the bill. It was mostly needing to refill the pantry that made it so bad.

I found some Organic Kraft Mac and Cheese on the shelves today! I usually get Annie's but decided to try this instead. It's good! We are eating it for lunch now.

I also cleaned out the fridge when we returned from shopping. I usually do this each week but unfortunately, I let that go while illness reigned. It was quite a mess and I have a lot of dishes to wash after lunch. Another good reason for not letting things pile

I plan on starting the wash as soon as I'm done eating. At least I kept up with that. Then I'll begin checking the kids work from last week and scheduling out what they'll do this week. Pretty much, today's a wash for school but at least I'm feeling better today! Yes, that's right, I'm actually starting to feel better! What a blessing! I was beginning to think that the med's weren't going to work and this morning I could definitely feel a difference. Whew! It would be so nice to be back to my normal Now to begin hooking up my new printer and start putting together more things for the little's preschool and I'm thinking of doing a Thanksgiving lapbook with the older kids. Them getting excited about making butter made me think that perhaps they might not remember all the things we did when they were younger and they may enjoy and learn some things from going back and redoing those kinds of activities. It certainly wouldn't

Well, I've got PLANS and I better get




De'Etta said...

So glad you are feeling better.

QueenBee said...

I think our oldest is feeling a bit sad that we (those younger than her) are doing all kinds of fun things. I told her she did fun things, too, but she doesn't remember them... sigh....

Lisa in Jax said...

That's where we are. I realized that just because they are older, doesn't mean they can't have fun in their learning. I just make sure that what they are doing is grade appropriate for their ages. I certainly wouldn't give them something geared for little ones but alot of those lapbooks are very detailed and can be quite nice for their portfolios.