Friday, November 10, 2006

Today was a pretty good day. I started the day cleaning. I needed to go through Evie's clothes and sort out the stuff she's outgrown and needed to organize her drawers again because they were a mess. I went through the house and did a surface clean and then I turned to focus on the kids...

I got some preschool done with Evie today. We worked on the letter B. She glued a paper bear together and learned how to draw balloons. We also added to our alphabet caterpillar. For her snack time, we made some butter. The older kids got involved with that project and it was so much fun to watch them! We've done this project at least 2 times in the past but neither remembered it and they were so excited about the different stages that heavy cream goes through to get to butter. After it became butter, they all sampled some on bread and were Evie wanted to do more but I have to admit that I ran out of gas. I've been battling this sinus infection for over a week and felt so bad I needed to lie down.

Isaac had a doctor's appt at 4 today. He has to have one prior to his laser surgery each time. Eric came home and took him. I was so thankful since I'm just feeling terrible. Isaac came back with a clean bill of health and will have his surgery on Nov. 21. This will be his 9th or 10th, I really can't remember right now. All I know is that it's way more than any small child should have to go through. I am extremely thankful for the children's hospital here. They are soooo good with him and he does so much better here than he did in Miami.

The kids have another football game tomorrow at 11am. They are very excited and will go skating right after the game.

I'm 25 weeks today! It's so exciting to be this close to being done! This has been a good pregnancy so far and I'm praying that my body can hold up all the way to the So far, so good.

We were finally able to order our new cellphones through Amazon and they should come sometime next week. It was such a pain but the cost was worth it. We got two Razr phones for a penny each and they are going to give us a $75.00 rebate. We went through T-Mobile and hopefully their service will be better than Cingular's. We had wonderful service down in Miami but as soon as we moved our phones were useless.

Our new couch is wonderful and has helped our family spend more time together. I find us gathering in the family room more and more often. It has been such a blessing!

I guess that's it. I'm so glad today is Friday. It'll be nice to have some help so that I can concentrate on getting better. I have plans for next week so I need to get




De'Etta said...

Sounds like a busy and productive day.

Emily said...

Wow! I can't believe you are already 25 weeks!!! Only 15 more weeks to go!

Lisa in Jax said...

Not too busy, I'm glad that I didn't put off preschool until later in the day or it wouldn't have happened.


It's amazing that this pregnancy has gone by so quickly! Eric and I were saying, with Thanksgiving and Christmas we'll have this baby before we even know it! We're very

Kristine said...

Hey, Emily took my comment, I was also going to say that I can't believe you are already 25 weeks! I guess those small clothes of Evie's won't be gone for too long! :)

Lisa in Jax said...


That's for sure. I'm putting everything into plastic storage bins and just trying to keep up with Evie's growth spurts. She's been moving on up in her height and I keep finding clothes that are way too short for her that she refuses to take off and then wears all over town and then Grandma buys her more because she thinks we only have old clothes for her.lolol I think this belongs in the Big Family myths thread on De'Etta's

QueenBee said...

How exciting that you got a new couch! Picture, please, when you have a minute (LOL)!

QueenBee said...

oops. I should have read further in the blog before I posted asking for a picture. The couch and chair look REALLY COMFORTABLE!

Lisa in Jax said...


The new couch and chair are GREAT! Very comfy and really fit nicely into the space we have. I think the money we've been saving will go to a new stove instead.LOL