Friday, November 24, 2006

If yesterday was a good day, then today was a great day. (I had the day We have so much food left over that I won't need to cook for a couple of days, so other than the desperately needed wash, I didn't do a thing. Well, I got to do the fun stuff today. I didn't just lay I spent the day with the kids playing around. Eric spent the day on the He and my brother hung the Christmas lights. I'll try to remember to take a picture later when it's dark. I'm not sure they're finished but they got the hardest part done today. Isaac discovered that the candy canes were not just for I got the cutest picture of him when he found a piece of one. I'll post it later.

I had the kids write the annual "What I want for Christmas list." Topping Jon's list was a potato gun, complete with a supply list and directions for putting it I'm not sure that even with this much research he'll get one. I don't think that he thought about *where* he could fire something like this without damaging property. He did have some other things on his list so maybe one of those will be under the tree this year.

We ended up going overboard with Isaac this year and I've decided to use at least half of the gifts for his birthday in January. I've bought Evie one of those Littlest Petshop sets for Christmas. We will probably get her some odds and ends for sets that she already has and that'll be it.

Eric and I have decided on Allison's gift this year, but she reads my blog so it'll have to stay a

I guess that's it!




galenaspencers said...

Yeah for you, Lisa! I am glad you got a fun day...especially after all those days of feeling yucky.


Lisa in Jax said...

Thanks, Diann! Nothing like a day off to make you feel