Wednesday, November 29, 2006

O.k. so far, I've ordered the photo cards (yesterday) and they've already shipped! Pretty fast turn around! I'll have them in a day or two and then I can focus on getting them labeled and sent to everyone. I love it when everything seems to come together! I also ordered the calendars just a few minutes ago. Allison whipped out the last few pages last night and this morning and then I worked on a few finishing touches. It looks great!

I've also finished half of the wash and because of an impromptu naked baby, I'll be steam cleaning the carpets right after lunch.LOL We have been working on potty training but so far the only thing he enjoys is being naked. He enjoys it so much that he's figured out how to make that happen all by himself. All he needs is a minute or two alone and he's streaking around showing us his favorite body I've decided that I'm going to steam clean all the high traffic areas since I need to work on some spots made today so I'm getting the big machine out.

I also worked with Evie this morning. We did some preschool focusing on the letter C, finished off some library books that I didn't have time to read, and played with playdough. That's another area that needs steam cleaned today. lol

I think I've decided to let the kids mess with the carseats and see if the van will work out or not. If they aren't happy, then I'll just plan on the tank once the baby gets here. I think that's

I guess that's it for now. My lunch break is over and I've got some major work to



QueenBee said...

So, what type of seating arrangement did the kids come up with?

Lisa in Jax said...

lol We never got that far so that was left for today. I'll post the update after the kids have figured everything