Thursday, November 09, 2006

Yesterday just got away from me! I woke up later than usual and I had my dr's appt for 10:15, so by the time everyone was fed, clothed, and groomed, it was time for me to leave. I've been sick, so this is one appt that I was looking forward It went fine. The dr was happy with my ultrasound and he prescribed me an antibiotic for my sinus infection. Also said I can take any Tylenol products, like Tylenol Sinus or cold. I've never heard this before, but I'm

After I got home, my mom took Jon out to lunch for Sushi. He loves Sushi and she's the only other person who'll eat They had a great time and while they were gone Allison and I got the house ready for our "new to us" couch and recliner! We had to move some stuff around to make room for our old futon to fit in the library and we also vacuumed where the new couch was going. When mom and Jon got done, she came over and picked up Allison and Evie and took them to her house for the BIG My mom has graciously given us her living room furniture, since she decided to redecorate and get something new for her living room. What an answer to prayer! We really needed something and have been saving for a new couch but to tell the truth, I was a little afraid to BUY something that little people will be If you only knew how much our little futon has gone through.

When the moving crew got to our house, they had quite the time getting our new couch into the house! My dad had to take the front door off in order for it to fit and I was so proud of my two older kids who, with my brother, were the ones who moved it into the house! It's one of those sleeper bed couches and was extremely heavy but they did it. By the time everything was done, it was time for me to make dinner. What a day! I made split pea soup and while it was cooking, Isaac fell asleep after all the

After dinner, Eric and I escaped for a few minutes to CVS for my antibiotics and to Publix for milk. It was nice to have a little alone time and not have to take someone Once we got home, I was done. Well, o.k. I did the dishes and then I was

I'll take some pictures of the new couch and upload it soon. It was a really good day and I'm so happy to have some furniture.




Jodi said...

Great job big kids, those sleeper sofas are HEAVY. Your new rocker looks like a wonderful spot for you and your new baby. Hope the sinus infection clears up quickly now that you've got meds.

I've never used a doula but it certainly sounds like a good plan. They look so helpful on those baby story type shows.

Lisa in Jax said...

I love the new rocker! Isaac and I have spent some time in it and it's very

I really don't know what I'm going to do. I'm going to try contacting a doula and see what services they offer, if that doesn't appeal, then I'll look into a midwife. This is soooo


QueenBee said...

What a HUGE blessing the furniture is! I remember you futon!

Lisa in Jax said...

LOL! I was wondering if you would remember that poor piece of furniture. It's amazing how nice real furniture is after having that futon for 5 years. It was a wonderful blessing!