Tuesday, November 07, 2006

All is quiet right now. lol How's that for 6pm? We had a busy day of learning and then running around. First we did school, then my mom came over to drop something off and decided to take Genevieve with her. The older kids had PE today so it was really nice for her to have something to do. It was raining when I went to pick up the older kids so I decided to run by mom's to see if I could pick up Evie also. Well, we ended up staying for over an hour and we tired poor Isaac out.lol We were running late for the kids football game and needed to rush home for their uniforms and such but when we got home there was a message saying it was cancelled because of the rain. Hurray for me!lol We had left Evie at mom's because mom wanted to trim her hair, so off we went to pick her up. Isaac fell asleep and when we got to moms, Evie wouldn't leave.lol Mom had invited her to stay for dinner and she wasn't going to leave without it. So here I am with nothing to do but blog.lol

I made spaghetti for dinner early tonight because I was starving, so the older kids are taking turns doing their chores and playing outside. I have a doctor's appt tomorrow morning and hopefully he will give me something for this sinus infection. I'm considering hiring a Doula instead of trying to change doctors. I've heard that they are great for getting you what you want during labor and for keeping those darn nurses at bay. (You know, the ones who tell you to lie flat on your back during your whole labor and try to convince you that you don't need to go potty even though you've been able to tell when you need to go since you were 2.lol) I can handle this doctor during my pregnancy, maybe, but I know I don't want him to be in charge when I'm in labor. I still have time to decide for sure what I want but I'm trying to consider all options.

Well, Evie's home and I'm really worn out today so I think that it's time to get her settled down and me laying down.




De'Etta said...

I'm so glad to hear that your Mom is able to give you a breather from time to time.

Wow - your little ticker is moving ever closer to 40 weeks. Praying you find the doula or solution that you need.

Lisa in Jax said...

ACK! Please don't remind me! I'm sooo not ready. I had my appt and it was just as much fun as the last ones. (ugh) I'm sick to death of these people.

It has been nice to have some help.