Friday, August 14, 2009

The Sophia Chronicles...

To: Cucumber Jon,

We found you in the garden today, fat and happy.

Sophia fell instantly in love and named you Really Jon.

She's carried you around all day, expecting me to take many photos of you.

How will I ever get you back?

You are destined for pickling.

An announcement...

We're expecting another blessing next year! This one is due sometime around April 1st. It's a bit of a surprise, but we're pretty excited.

I've not been feeling that great, but so far I'm hanging in

The littles are so excited about this new little one! Names have been flying around like paper I have to say that I'm pretty much out of names. I've been joking that I'm going to set up a jar and let everyone put their favorite names into it. At least then, I can say, "Go put it in the jar." Instead of being continuously peppered by kids non-stop all day long. (How 'bout Trucker?lol)

In other news, Allison will be taking three classes at the college instead of two. They had an opening for Spanish and we jumped at it. This is the best possible class line-up that we could have hoped for. She's taking English Comp, College Algebra, and Spanish 1. Next semester, if all goes well, she'll take PreCalc, Spanish 2, and a beginning Chem class. She's also decided to join one swimteam instead of two. She really liked the highschool coach and will go there.

I guess that's it. lol Here are some photos from the past two weeks...

Evie and Sophia hamming it up...

Jon, the snake catcher...

He's also the "Do math/science on my hand guy" too.

Isaac's creation... It's really huge and he wouldn't let us put it away for THREE days!...
Just for perspective, our tiles are 18" square...