Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Long time, no see...

I think that next year, I may just take the whole summer off from blogging. At least if I announce it, I wouldn't feel so guilty about not getting around to it.lol

Things have been crazy-busy here. Here's an update, for my records of everyone and what the future holds for them. LOL

Allison- She's going to college this year! Pretty neat! I happened to look into the dual enrollment program at our local college and it is a perfect fit for her. My dh and Allison met with the D-E coordinator last week and she was very impressed with Allison's test scores and her work ethic. She appoved her immediately for the program and now Allison is enrolled in two classes this semester and will take up to three classes next semester. In other words, she will finish out all her credits at the college and I'm actually DONE with one student. Wow! What a shock for this to come one year early. It's a great opportunity for her though and it allows other colleges to see that she's ready for college work.

In other news, she's also decided to join two different swim teams this school year. She'll go to the local high school team and the YMCA year-round team. This is along with working too.

Jon- Here's Jon's subject list for the year...

MUS Precalc
Apologia Adv Chem
Apologia Physics
Notgrass World History
IEW Adv Communication Series
Teaching the Classics
Japanese 2

He's also continuing with Boy Scouts. It's his hope to become an Order of the Arrow this year and I think he'll do just fine.

Genevieve- Here's Evie's list...

Formal Curriculum...
MUS Alpha
Apologia Astronomy
Spell to Write and Read
I Can Do All Things

We bought her 150 readers for this year. They are levels 1, 2, and 3. She'll be reading through the ones that interest her and we'll save the ones that don't for the next two. We got GREAT deals through ebay.

I'll be reading classics to her from our collection of books. They will cover a range of different subjects. My plan is to follow her interests and to also broaden her knowledge base. The more she knows, the more she'll want to know. :)

We'll also begin memory work and reading the Bible each day.

She's also going to continue with gymnastics two days a week. She's made wonderful progress this summer and her coach is very happy as is Evie. It's a sport that she really enjoys.

Isaac- We'll begin preschool with him. VERY gently.lol I'll work on teaching him his letters, counting, sharing...lol All in good fun. I've been visiting the Dollar Store and Michaels to refill our activity bins and have found some fun things to keep him and Sophia busy this year.

Sophia- Activity bins. Lots of them.lol We'll be rotating her around to different rooms and different activities all day long until the school work is done for the day. Trying to keep her busy, will be the hardest part of the school year! I'm also working on some Montessori practical tray exercises to keep her and Isaac busy too. I'll have a dish washing bin, a veggie peeling tray, and a cheese cutting tray.

I'm also working on schedules for chores, revamping the menus and grocery lists for fall/winter, and organizing the new school space.

I guess that's it for now. lol I've got to get off this computer and get back to work.


That's Mommas....

Since Jon never updates his blog, I'm going to share something between him and Sophia.

Today, Jon was using his calculator at the kitchen table finishing up some science experiments, when Sophia comes over to him and says, "That's Mommas!" He very kindly says, "No, this is my calculator. See? It has a "J" on it."

Sophia says, "That's Mommas!"
Jon says, "No, it's mine."
S says, "That's Mommas!"
J says, "No, it's mine."
S says, "That's Mommas!"
J says, (while secretly slipping the calculator into his side pocket)"No, it's mine."
S says, "That's Mommas!"

Jon says, "What's Mommas?"
Sophia looks to one side of Jon, then the other. Then she says, "I don't know." and walks off.

Very clever, Jon!



Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Latest Sewing Project...

This week, I decided to take time out of my usual busy-ness and make matching skirts for the girls...




I picked this fabric because my plan is to make a matching button-up shirt for Isaac. His will have the puppy fabric with brown pockets. I think it'll be cute.lol The girls really like their new clothes!


Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Portrait of Allison

My long lost daughter...she's in lane #2 looking at the camera...


And she's off!

Look at that girl go...

Finish line...

Happy to be done for this week!

I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical when Allison said she wanted to join the swimteam. I mean, she already spends everyday at the pool! Well, it's been a good fit for her and she's really enjoying the friend's she's made and the great coaching that she's received. I'm glad that she's enjoying her summer.


Cabin Fever is Upon Us

It's hard to update week after week when this is our time of year where the heat is so oppressive that we just stay inside all the time being crabby at each other.lol

Here are some highlights:

1. Allison joined the swimteam.(God bless her, like she doesn't spend enough time outside in the water.lol)

2. We've been spending a million hours in the pool. It's the only time when being outside is not too bad.

3. We've been witnessing the local wildlife since it's been too hot to mow the yard.LOL

Here's some photos from the above, except Allison, whom we never see anymore.

Around and around they go...
Looks like a great set-up...
We had two of these birds of prey!
Here's one in flight...
They REALLY liked my garden. Not sure what they were after but...
They patiently waited for my DH to leave the yard and quit taking photos of them.LOL

Lately, it's either raining or 100 degrees outside. Yuck! I can't wait until it cools off, you know, in October. sigh.lol