Friday, July 28, 2006

Here are two pictures of Allison's room. I would have taken more but her room is a mess and her bed wasn't



Thursday, July 27, 2006

Here's Isaac's new hair cut. He can now see. It's amazing that my mom could cut so straight with the amount of wiggling this guy achieved during the whole

Here he is again. I just love this guy!

Here is Queen Genevieve. She has been playing with her dress up clothes every day. Allison put her hair up and took the picture.

I just have to say that Genevieve really cracks me up. She is the first child of ours that has to have a different story read to her each night. The first two always wanted the same stories over and over, til I thought if I had to read it one more time, I'd go Not this one! She will run over to our vast selection each night and say, "This is my favorite story, will you read it? " and it'll be something we've never



Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I'm still alive. Just hanging in there. lol I really haven't been doing anything except the bare minimum but the kids have been having a great time. (I'm glad that someone's having fun. lol) My parents have been doing alot of fun stuff with them all week. They've gone to a water park, roller skating, and my mom took 3 of my kids shopping on Monday. Allison wanted her room decorated for her birthday but we didn't have a house then, so since I wasn't feeling well, I asked my mom if she'd take her shopping. Well, they had a great time. Allison's room is now decorated in lime green and purple. It looks good. I'll take a picture once her room is clean and we've had a chance to hang the blinds. She got beaded curtains for her window, a groovey lamp, some neat posters, a big purple pillow for her bed, and a purple chair.

I really appreciate everyone's prayers. I can definitely feel them. I just keep telling myself, just a couple more weeks and this'll be



Saturday, July 15, 2006

Survival Mode...

Well, it's happened. I am now just too ill to cook like I normally do. This past week we had take out so many times that I was beginning to feel like we may as well just turn the kitchen into another bedroom because it wasn't being used any longer.LOL I hate not preparing my family's meals but I know that the kids can cook if desperate enough. I just sent my wonderful DH to the grocery store armed with a menu of easy meals that anyone 12 and over can prepare and serve. No more extravagant meals for a while but at least we won't be hungry this next

I really think that pregnancy is a blessing in itself. I rely more on all of my children to pitch in and help where normally I might just do it myself. They learn more about what needs to be done and they learn skills that last them their whole lives. It's hard on me because I really want to be up and about but I also get to see that they are growing into confident, self sufficient young adults who won't starve when they leave the nest.

This week we'll be eating...
Beef Stroganoff
Spaghetti and meatballs
French bread pizza
Pork roast with noodles and veggies
Taco stuff
Oven BBQ Chicken



Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Today was a pretty good day. The nausea wasn't too bad and I was actually able to do the dishes. LOL (You know things are bad when the best part of the day was your ablility to do

I hate being ill. I keep fighting it like I have some control over how I feel. When will I realize that this body belongs to the Lord and only He knows what is in store for me day to day? I guess it's like when I have worries or trouble and I keep handing it to God but because of my need to be in control I keep taking it back thinking that maybe God doesn't know what's best or maybe He's just not fixing "it" fast enough or maybe He really WANTS me to fix it. LOL

I think one thing that pregnancy teaches me is patience. I have to wait and trust in the Lord and only He knows the outcome. For control freaks like me it a hard lesson to learn. Maybe that's why this is my fifth, (lol) being that I'm so hard headed I need more time to understand that no matter what, God knows, He understands, and He can handle far more than I ever will be able to. So I will give this to God and trust in Him.



Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Don't you just want to take him home?LOL

I thought this was an appropriate picture if you read his shirt.LOL

The Refridgerator Bandit...

First we thought we had a leak, so we checked the water line into the fridge. Nope. Then we thought the older kids were just being careless. Nope. Then of course we thought it was Genevieve. Nope. That's right, it's Isaac. LOL He's now big enough and smart enough to take cups and refill them at the fridge. LOL Of course, he can't SEE when his cup is full, so he just wings it...LOL

We've nicknamed him...The Refridgerator Bandit!LOL I have a feeling this little guy is going to be keeping us on our toes...



Sunday, July 09, 2006

Standing Strong

It's amazing how important it is in life to stand strong in our beliefs at all times. It is so easy sometimes to just take the easy way out. Someone asks you a question and you shrug your shoulders and give a weak answer just to be done with it but then what? What has that person learned? How will they ever grow and learn? I remember my very first bible class. I was nineteen and maybe just a little skeptical. Was the Bible real? Was God real? I remember sitting in this class and not really understanding most things and finally I raised my hand and asked the question that most plagued me. Did God really create the whole world and everything in it in just six days? This was a crutial moment for me. This was the moment of either a new true faith or a turning away that would lead me away from God for many years. What do you think the Pastor of this major church told me? Well, little lady, some things in the Bible are figurative. We really don't know if God really created the Earth and everything in OUR meaning of Six days, just that in His time it was Six days. sigh If only he knew what he'd done. For not standing up for his beliefs, he cost me years of struggle, of heart break, and of a deep loneliness that couldn't be filled because I couldn't believe in something where only some of it was true. If I had to guess what was real and what was allegory or fairytale then I just couldn't believe. ugh. How many more came before and after me that were turned away as I was...

I have come to understand that it isn't just that we need to have faith in our Lord, we must be able to stand strong for those around us, so that we may lead them to God and not let them stumble. If it were not for the amazing women that have come into my life and lead me directly to God, I don't know if I would have ever found my way again. They were like beacons of light in my dark world and I'm thankful that the Lord loved me enough to give me another chance. I hope to always stand strong so that I may be a light to those around me.



Thursday, July 06, 2006

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July! We spent it at home enjoying the day off. The kids set off all their fireworks and had a great time! The neighbor across the street had real firework mortors and we got treated to a REAL firework demonstration! I didn't even have to leave the house. LOL

We have finished the garage! It looks great. We have a few things to move around but all the cleaning and throwing away is done. It looks like we'll be able to fit two cars in there once we move the bikes and generator. I've never had a garage this big before! It makes me feel better knowing that hurricane season is here and we have a place for our vehicles. Being down in Miami, we didn't have a garage, just a storage room and the cars were left out in the open to be smooshed by trees. LOL

I'm feeling the first trimester just about everyday around the hours of 10-2 now. I can't believe that I've forgotten what it's like to feel this way. You'd think I'd remember since this is #5 but I was actually shocked that I've been feeling poorly. You know, I've been saying stuff like, boy I hope I'm not coming down with something...LOL

I've been running into some interesting problems with my cooking lately, it just isn't enough. lol I made bread this week and it only lasted a day and it made two loaves. I made Heavenly Chicken last night and usually there would be enough for left overs and they were scraping the pan clean last night. I'm going to start tripling the recipes so that I can freeze one meal and serve the other. Maybe then I'll have some meals for days when I just can't face cooking. I am also going to measure the kids because I think they must be growing. ALL OF THEM at once!

I don't know how Mom's of many do it. Everything seems to grow exponentially with each child and with each year! Laundry, food, messes, activities, everything! The blessings grow too. It's just hard not to get caught up in the details.LOL (I guess the hormones don't help...) Well, I guess there's no better way to learn than by experience...



Monday, July 03, 2006

I just had to upload this picture. LOL My two middle children are playing computer together, what a great older brother Genevieve has!

Here are the two youngest, roaming the forbidden zone. LOL I've been gating the kitchen off but was baking bread today and let them enter in order to "help" me.



Sunday, July 02, 2006

Well, we worked all day yesterday from morning until about 7:30 last night. The garage is looking really good! Eric and I have a date for the dump on July 4th and then I think we may be able to put both cars in the garage! What a great feeling to have so much done! We have accomplished a lot more in this house than we have ever done in any other. It is a lot easier to invest in a home when you are debt free and not broke.LOL

Lord willing, we'll have a couch next. LOL We're saving up for it so it may be a while...


How many Glasnapp's does it take to change a lightbulb? Well, we thought it only took 6 of us but God has decided that one more would help us to be more efficient. LOL

It's me again. LOL My very helpful son is guiding me through this whole experience and we're very close....

*Edited to say that I've given up. LOL This is as good as it's going to get. Although, my ds doesn't want to give up...

This is me. I am experimenting and trying to upload an avatar. Not the best picture but it'll do for now.LOL

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Busy, busy, busy...

This is one of those weekends that I really enjoy. I love it when we accomplish something and this weekend we are finishing the last bit of unpacking by tackling the garage. I have the goal that we will be able to fit at least one of our vehicles in it by tomorrow. I'll let you all know if my goal is reached.

Eric has taken Jon to get the shelving for the garage. We found the best ones at Sears the other day. This morning we measured the garage and found that we will be able to put in 4 76" wide shelves and 3 36" wide shelves. That is a lot of storage! I'm hoping to have a lot of room left over on these shelves for anything else that comes along. It's always so exciting to get such a big job done! I'll let you know how it went.