Thursday, July 06, 2006

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July! We spent it at home enjoying the day off. The kids set off all their fireworks and had a great time! The neighbor across the street had real firework mortors and we got treated to a REAL firework demonstration! I didn't even have to leave the house. LOL

We have finished the garage! It looks great. We have a few things to move around but all the cleaning and throwing away is done. It looks like we'll be able to fit two cars in there once we move the bikes and generator. I've never had a garage this big before! It makes me feel better knowing that hurricane season is here and we have a place for our vehicles. Being down in Miami, we didn't have a garage, just a storage room and the cars were left out in the open to be smooshed by trees. LOL

I'm feeling the first trimester just about everyday around the hours of 10-2 now. I can't believe that I've forgotten what it's like to feel this way. You'd think I'd remember since this is #5 but I was actually shocked that I've been feeling poorly. You know, I've been saying stuff like, boy I hope I'm not coming down with something...LOL

I've been running into some interesting problems with my cooking lately, it just isn't enough. lol I made bread this week and it only lasted a day and it made two loaves. I made Heavenly Chicken last night and usually there would be enough for left overs and they were scraping the pan clean last night. I'm going to start tripling the recipes so that I can freeze one meal and serve the other. Maybe then I'll have some meals for days when I just can't face cooking. I am also going to measure the kids because I think they must be growing. ALL OF THEM at once!

I don't know how Mom's of many do it. Everything seems to grow exponentially with each child and with each year! Laundry, food, messes, activities, everything! The blessings grow too. It's just hard not to get caught up in the details.LOL (I guess the hormones don't help...) Well, I guess there's no better way to learn than by experience...



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