Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I'm still alive. Just hanging in there. lol I really haven't been doing anything except the bare minimum but the kids have been having a great time. (I'm glad that someone's having fun. lol) My parents have been doing alot of fun stuff with them all week. They've gone to a water park, roller skating, and my mom took 3 of my kids shopping on Monday. Allison wanted her room decorated for her birthday but we didn't have a house then, so since I wasn't feeling well, I asked my mom if she'd take her shopping. Well, they had a great time. Allison's room is now decorated in lime green and purple. It looks good. I'll take a picture once her room is clean and we've had a chance to hang the blinds. She got beaded curtains for her window, a groovey lamp, some neat posters, a big purple pillow for her bed, and a purple chair.

I really appreciate everyone's prayers. I can definitely feel them. I just keep telling myself, just a couple more weeks and this'll be



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