Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My goals for the week...

One of my goals for this week was to get the house back together from the long weekend but the kids and I whipped that out this morning so I'll just check that as done.

Next on my list was the Christmas Photo. I'm still printing them all out and hope to have at least ONE photo that can be used. If not, then we'll try again tomorrow.lol I'm hoping that we'll have one good enough. I think two are promising but I really like to look at the hard copies before deciding.

Finish the Calendar! It has to be completed by Thursday for the discount. We're up to September and I think we can whip out those last few months today and tomorrow.

Finish most of my Christmas shopping by this weekend. I like to leave the little things, like stocking stuffers for the last minute but I usually have all my regular shopping done before Thanksgiving, except for this year. I really would like to have this done! I'll let you all know if this goal was accomplished or not.lol

A related goal would be to finish the Christmas list this week also. One of the reasons Isaac has too much for Christmas this year is that instead of having a list I've just been buying things that I thought he'd like or were cute.lol Without a list my budget can get broken easily! We're going cash only this year and I don't want to break the bank this year. In all of our marriage, we've never had a Christmas that we could afford. This is going to be that year! It would be such a blessing to not have to pay for these gifts for the next year and not be able to save anything for next year. We've already run into some snags but I'm just going to have a talk with the older kids, give them our budget and then let them do some re-accessing of their major wants this year.

I also need to sometime in the next week or two, try to figure out how we will fit everyone into my van.lol I need to get the new baby's carseat out and see how this is going to work. If it isn't going to work, then I need to try out the carseats in the Expedition. I really hope everyone fits in the van. I just don't like driving anything bigger. I'm majorly intimidated!lol I always feel like I'm taking more than my fair share of the road and that I'm going to take the side off someone's car or maybe their mailbox or maybe even a PERSON while driving that thing.lol This vehicle is a blessing and I may just have to get over the whole driving a tank thing but I'm REALLY hoping I can squeeze everyone into my little mini van. I mean, it SAYS it fits 7 people, right?!?!lol Eric really feels that I need to move up to the tank...lol but I don't remember it saying any where that everyone has to be comfortable...lol

Well, those are my goals. I have the basic stuff in my mind also, like laundry and such but these are the things that most need to get done on top of my regular duties. Have a great day!



QueenBee said...

We moved from our van with our 4th (LOL)... of course we DO spend a LOT of time on the road so we do want to be comfortable... Hope you find something that works for everone.

Lisa in Jax said...

lol The older kids have been complaining about room since Isaac took one of the better seats in the van. I guess I may have to face the facts and move up. The only difference is that our drives are very short and I know that yours are long. lol