Tuesday, November 28, 2006

More out-takes.


Jodi said...

I love seeing the out takes! We've had a couple years where I tried to pose kids AND some pets, oh my that made for a lot of out takes but later they are so funny.

Did you make the calendar through Snapfish? I am going to do this next year for my Mother. I love the way your picture collages came out.

Lisa in Jax said...


I think pets would have sent me over the edge.lol I do love the out-takes though.

Yes, I used Snapfish this year. Every year before I used the Kodak site but I was getting tired of the same designs so decided to try Snapfish. This web-site was A LOT easier to use and boy are they quick with turn-around! I'll probably use them again next year if I get another coupon. I got 25% off for ordering more than one calendar and then an extra 20% off with my coupon! Much cheaper than the Kodak site.

Thanks! I think doing them this way definitely gives us more for our money. Before, there were only up to four pictures on each month. We had fun.lol

Jodi said...

Thanks for the additional info Lisa, I think this makes a great gift idea. If I get motivated I may even give Mom one this year for her January birthday, if not next year for sure.