Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Here is our first foray into finger painting. As you can tell, Genevieve found the process quite disgusting.lol
Isaac, on the other hand, was quite a natural. I didn't even have to show him what to do. Of course, next time I'll give him a bigger piece of paper...lol

Here he is, before he got so messy that he had to be bathed.lol


Jodi said...

Those pictures are great! You seem to do something fun every day, sounds like your school year is going so well.

Lisa in Jax said...

LOL Thanks, Jodi. They were quite cute while painting today. I ended up needing to bathe them in order to clean them up.

You're the one with the fun school! I'm just trying to be half as much fun.lol


Emily said...

Ohhh- I remember finger painting when my kids were younger. The pictures brought back great memories.

De'Etta said...

These photos were INCREDIBLY funny, Lisa. Both the littles seem like delightful characters. LOL

Um...I don't know that I've ever tried finger painting...maybe after lap books. LOL

Lisa in Jax said...

They had us all in stitches! It was a lot of fun, not sure I'd do it too often but before bath time would be a good time to try it.LOL

Evie needed three-thousand wipes and Isaac was tasting the stuff half the time.lol What a contrast in characters.lol

QueenBee said...

YIKES! I don't do many "fun" things like this because the clean up always takes so long (LOL)! WAY TO GO, MOM! I remember finger painting when I was a kid... I suppose I should let my kids do it once in awhile.

Lisa in Jax said...


I say, go for it! You may just end up with an Evie who really didn't like it and would dip a finger in it and then ask for a wipey.lolol They had us in stitches! What a day!