Sunday, November 26, 2006

Yesterday we spent the day at the park. The little ones had a great time and really wore themselves out. It was nice to have Eric along as it's getting a little hard for me to keep up. The older kids probably would have rather stayed I know they are getting a little old for the park. I guess I need to expand what we do as a family but right now I feel that I'm doing all that I can. Maybe after the baby's born, I'll have more energy. When we got home, Isaac and I both fell I'm thinking that my energy is at an all time low right now. Nothing like passing out everytime I go out and do

Today was the second week in a row that Genevieve and I went to church. She has always had issues with places like this but I felt it was time to see if she could handle going yet. She's doing pretty good, although it seems to set her off for the day. The service is pretty loud and I'm wondering if she'd do better if it was more traditional but I was hoping that since Allison, Jon and Grandma were there, that it would seem more comfortable to her. Also, her friend Sammy goes there and she really likes seeing him. But the service is LOUD and I'm not sure it's the best fit for her. I'm hoping as we go each week she'll slowly adapt and be better afterwards. Eric stayed home with Isaac who is still recovering from the surgery and needs to stay away from illness. His face is looking better and hopefully there will be a good improvement once the spots have faded. This doctor does a much better job of covering the area and he thinks he has the right setting on his laser now. We'll see in a few weeks.

I'm hoping to take the family photo this week sometime.

I finally found a better doctor for myself! He may take me as a patient depending on how long it takes the old doctor to transfer all my records. I'm praying hard that they are sent this week. I called the hospital on Wednesday and talked to some really nice ladies who told me this old dr was bad news and they are the ones who found me this dr, who is supposed to have the best record in the whole hospital. I'll let you all know how things go if/when I get to see him. I went down to my old dr's and signed the release of records form the minute I talked to the new dr Can you tell I'm desperate? If you all could pray that they send my records this week, I'd be grateful! If it takes much longer, the new dr won't take me since I'm so far along. Boy is this stressful!

Genevieve has pronounced our outside decorations "boring." She feels that we need MORE decorations such as lawn creatures and garland for the house. I may need to go

I guess that's it. I've made the grocery list but don't feel well enough to go shopping so I'll upload the week's menu next and then go




De'Etta said...

Praying with you, Lisa. Isn't it frustrating to deal with the red tape to get your own records?

As for your energy level - it DOES come back...but it does take time. LOL

nyisutter said...

I noticed Isaac's face looked darker. Is that from the laser? Jessica's toes always look purple after her laser treatment too. I never thought about it doing the same thing on the face!

Lisa in Jax said...


I've never had to deal with this before. This is the first time I've actually had the guts to leave a dr I just pray it happens quickly and that I don't have to get

I know you're right about the energy. It just seems like it takes longer with each baby. I probably just get impatient


Yes, the laser actually makes his face almost black the day of the surgery and it gradually fades over a 2 week period. They call the discoloration Purpula so I guess purple is close to what he resembles after the surgery. I'm just thankful that it's temporary. He looks pretty roughed up during those 2 weeks.

Kristine said...

Lisa, what a blessing to have found this dr.! I'm praying that everything works out.

QueenBee said...

I hope you're feeling better now... SLEEP... you need SLEEP!

So, are you going to add a few more lawn decorations? That's about all we have in our yard since we can't get to the roof (LOL)!

Lisa in Jax said...

Thanks, Kristine! I'm praying that everything works out and that this man is a real blessing. I truthfully can't see how he could be any worse.


Sleep is about all I do well right I was so exhausted after church yesterday I couldn't muster up enough energy to do the grocery Actually, the littles have been keeping us up all night lately and I just can't function without it. If I don't get it at night then I have to get it during the

Yes, I think I'll be buying some things for the yard. I love Evie's enthusiasm and definitely want to encourage

Jodi said...

So glad to hear that you've found a better doctor.

Loved Evie's comment about the decorations. Hopefully you can make it less boring, LOLOL.

Lisa in Jax said...

I am so thankful that I may have a new doctor soon. I'm praying that he's really

lol Evie's a real character and yes we've been able to up the decorations and hopefully she'll approve of them