Monday, November 20, 2006

My Goals for this week...

Ok, so I'm hoping for a little more than survival but it's a good place to start.

1.Deep clean the house. I'm already working on this and feeling a little overwhelmed. I'm going through each room, decluttering and cleaning. Not on the scale of Emily, (I doubt my baseboards will ever get a but really trying to make the house shine this holiday season. I hope to have most of my cleaning done by Tuesday night. Of course I'll need to do some surface cleaning before my guests arrive on Thursday but I don't want to still be cleaning heavy by then.

2.We are in the process of making the traditional photo calendar. It needs to be completed by November 30th to get the sale price from Snapfish. We figured out how to make collages with Photoshop and then only upload the one picture to the snapfish site. It's very hard work but Allison and I know how much it means to the extended family. Usually, we can only get up to 4 photos on a calendar page, but using photoshop, we can make a huge collage with many pictures and it only counts as one photo. We think the grandparents will like the new look.

3.Baking, baking, baking! I need to begin baking by Wednesday but would like to start on Tuesday if my cleaning is almost done. If I can start on Tuesday, I'll make all the cookie dough that day and then do the actual baking on Wed. Most of the cookie recipes need to be refridgerated so it would be great to have them done a day ahead of time. I also need to bake the pie since I won't have room for it on Thursday.

4.Thanksgiving! We're having our guests over at 5pm and I would like to have the house decorated by then. We usually decorate the tree and house on Thanksgiving so it would be nice if they all got to see how nice the house looks. This will be Isaac's first Christmas where he'll be old enough to get into trouble, uh, I mean "enjoy" the So I need to do some planning or this could become a disaster.

5.Take time to help the kids finish their lapbook. I would really like for them to accomplish this goal, although it may be hard with everything that needs to be done. I'm still going to give it a

I guess that's it for now. I'm sure that there are things that I've forgotten but I really need to get going! The first thing on my list is grocery shopping...



Jodi said...

You calendar photo looks nice, I see no red eye.

Survival is good. It's not so busy here since we go to my Mothers for the holiday, then again I have to do some of the cooking and it is a 2 hr drive. I decided to ditch schoolish stuff beyond one or two fun things. I'm having a deep cleaning week too, it seemed like a good week to do that.

Kristine said...

Lisa, you just moved into this house. I'd say the baseboards are good for a few more years, lol.

QueenBee said...

Ok... so again I see I should read ALL of the blog posts before I comment (LOL)! Now I see what your calendar project is all about. I also hope to not be doing "major" cleaning up to and the day of Thanksgiving. I hope to be mostly done by tomorrow night including the music room redo painting finished and plastic up from the floor and off the windows.... hopefully dh will even install the new lights tomorrow and we can start moving things back in on Wed ... things which are currently all over the rest of the house making it look worse than it really is (LOL)

Lisa in Jax said...

Thanks, Jodi! I'm not sure the lapbook will get done. With Isaac's surgery being today, it looks like I'll be lucky just to get the bare minimum

Romany said...

Emily has *me* deep cleaning now, but so far only to the tune of one cupboard! {g}

Your house looks beautiful with the outdoor decorations, BTW.


Lisa in Jax said...

Ack! It's spreading!lolol Before you know it, you'll be cleaning things that would never have been thought of before, like the tops of

Thanks for the complement on my house. Evie really feels we need more

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