Thursday, November 02, 2006

Today has been a very relaxed day. The older kids are recooperating, so we took the day just to straighten up and get the house under control. We went through each room just picking up the general clutter that had taken over while I've been sick. It really wasn't too bad, which makes me think that the habits are forming in the kids. I got some laundry done and I made homemade waffles for breakfast and homemade pizza for lunch. I am so glad that I did my shopping last Friday but I think that the kids are getting tired of what's left over after a whole week's I'm going to try to run by the store today after I drop off the older kids at football practice. I would normally make them stay home because they are just getting over this illness but tonight is picture day so they really need to show up.

Genevieve is starting to get cabin fever from the 2 weeks she's been stuck at home, so she's been a bit of a handful today. Isaac's fever finally broke and he's as cantankous as he normally is while ill. lol It made for a good day off, just to focus on resting and finally getting rid of this horrible illness.

I'm hoping to make it to the office supply store this weekend so that I can get some lapbooking supplies. Also, I'm thinking of making a "Good Noodle" chart like on Spongebob. I'm going to glue uncooked noodles to a poster board for each good decision/or job made or done by Genevieve and Jon. I'm thinking Allison is too old and Isaac is too young but will leave room for him as he gets older. I really like the idea of focusing on the positive, instead of always reacting to the negative. This idea comes from De'Etta. It's taken me a while to get to the chart because I've never been a chart kind of person but what I'm realizing is that my two in the middle are very goal oriented and I think this will help them. I want the lapbooking supplies for Evie and Isaac. I'm also going to start more preschool with each of them. I've been waiting for a certain book but Amazon keeps pushing back the estimated delivery time and I'm just going to start without it.LOL So, my plan is to get a lot of copies run off of things I do have and really get started this next week. Evie especially needs this, she's been bored lately and that's never

Now that my home is where I want it to be, I'm going to be focusing a lot more on the kids. I'm going to be adding in a game day to make sure that we spend enough fun time together, just incorporating fun into our day. Evie's been playing chutes and ladders and candy land lately and is really enjoying those games, it made me realize she isn't so little any longer. That really opens up a lot of options in games and such. I'm thinking we'll play out the games we have and I'll stock up on some for Christmas.

I guess that's about it for now. I have to admit that I'm still sick so probably am not making much sense right now but would like to get these ideas down so that I can remember I am really looking forward to a normal week next week. Just to have the kids well and healthy will be a real blessing.



Anonymous said...

We really enjoy our "game days." Pretty much anything goes, because I figure there's something educational about almost every game my kids can play. I have to admit, I'm so thankful to be past Candyland. While I can tolerate Chutes & Ladders, I dreaded Candyland. :)


Debbie said...

Lisa, I am so glad you all are on the mend. It was probably a good thing to just have a relax day to complete the recovery and regroup aftern the extended illness in the house.

I love the untrasound picture. How thrilled you all must be!

Lisa in Jax said...


Believe it or not, we've never done a game day before! We used to have a family game night but since these littles just about take everything out of me by dinner time, we just haven't been doing it. I feel that it would be better to have it during the day for now. I feel the same way about Candyland but that seems to be Evie's favorite right now. That's always my luck.LOL


Thanks! We ARE feeling better today. What a blessing! Yesterday was very nice, just took it easy and let the kids rest.

That picture is the best one I've ever had! It is so clear. We are very excited and I can't wait to meet her!


Jodi said...

Spongebob has a chart, wow how did I miss that? This sounds like a very fun idea with a great purpose! Next time we need a chart for something I think it will have to be a good noodle chart!

Lisa in Jax said...


Yep! It's on the episode where Spongebob takes Patrick to Boating School with him. Mrs. Puff has it on her wall. She used stars on her chart but I thought that Evie might like the noodles better since it was called the Good Noodle Yes, we watch too much t.v. lollol