Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Praises from this week:

My little Isaac is finally able to eat and drink again without pain. He's had a cracker, some grapes, and a yogurt this morning and that's the most he's eaten in a week. The poor guy's lost so much weight that his pants don't stay on any longer.

Isaac didn't throw up this morning! It was the first time in a week.lol

My dh was able to take two days off from work to help me on the hardest days. He's been working really hard since the move and for him to be able to take that time off was a real blessing.

My dh and I were able to spend A LOT of quality time together, nearly round the clock, for a whole week.lol

I was able to keep up with the laundry and most of the cleaning for the week. This was a biggy for me. Normally, I would have left it all for after we got better and it would have taken me a week or more to get us all back to normal, but this time, I made sure that I worked on it a little each day. What a blessing to be able to jump right back into our daily things without a huge clean up needed. The cleaning part was harder. There were many times when I almost threw in the towel. I mopped the kitchen floor a total of 6 times this week. 5 of those on the same day. LOL

I was able to fix a healthy dinner each day except for two days. That's just amazing to me.lol I used to be the "take out queen" whenever illness struck but this time I stuck to my guns and dished out good food. I even managed smoothies a couple times this week. As a side note, one of those take out nights was planned. We usually get something on Saturdays because it's too hard to plan dinner when the kids spend the day with my parents. Sometimes they come home fed and sometimes not, so we order when they get home for whomever's hungry.lol Also, it's nice to have a day off.

As you can see, I have a lot to be thankful for! This illness was awful but a lot of good came out of it. I would never wish for this to happen to anyone but to be able to face this with grace and patience was awesome!lol I never lost it or got upset about the lack of sleep or got so overwhelmed that I wanted to run away.lol I don't think that I've ever taken sleep for granted in a very long while but it was a good reminder to be thankful when I actually get it.lol I also looked at my chores differently than I would have in the past. I actually saw the NEED and instead of seeing it as drudgery I was actually happy to get them done to bless those who needed it. I had to wash Isaac's blankets a million times and the joy I saw on his face was a true blessing to me. He NEEDED those blankets and I met his needs. What a week!lol




De'Etta said...

You amaze me. Way to go - great illustration of choosing joy in the midst of the trial.

Lisa in Jax said...

Thanks, De'Etta. It's been a long process but I'm really learning how to be thankful for what I have and how to be a grace-filled mom.

Jodi said...

You said "Normally, I would have left it all for after we got better and it would have taken me a week or more to get us all back to normal, but this time, I made sure that I worked on it a little each day."

This is the part that always gets me. I will remember how well you dd next time we are struck by illness. You did great!

So glad to hear that everyone is getting better and that you had Hubby to help some and that you found praises through all this. You're good to be able to do that!


Lisa in Jax said...

Thanks, Jodi. This is something that I've been working on. I've been trying to think how to make our home run better. A lot of times I used to find myself reacting to our lives instead of being proactive. I'm really trying to develop a habit of looking to the future where my actions are concerned. What will happen if I leave the laundry for tomorrow, when today I don't have anything going on? What happens if I put off grocery shopping cause I'm tired? Will tomorrow be better or will I have laundry AND shopping to do plus the kids activities? How will my behavior be then?LOL

This is such a huge change for me! I'm calmer and have things where IF an emergency comes up, I can put things aside but I'm careful to make sure that it truly is an emergency and I'm not just sitting around waiting for it. LOL