Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Today was a good day. We are plugging along with our school work and were able to make it to Homeschool P.E. The older kids had a great time. They played "Gator Ball" and some other things. They love going and are trying to earn patches this year for the Presidential Physical Fitness tests. I think they can make it if they work at it.

I'm feeling pretty good, so we cleaned the back patio this afternoon for our clean-up time. Summer had left it's mark on it and it was no longer fun to go out there.lol Everytime you went outside you ended up with blue feet from the blue sand strewn everywhere.lol It has left a permanant mark on my carpet also. Next time, I think we'll opt for traditional white sand.lol We also picked up the numerous bottles of empty sunscreen, the thousands of sand toys and pool toys and re-arranged the patio table so that we have more room outside for fun. Now that we are getting into the cooler season, I really need to add some things outside for the littles to play with. I think we'll start with some white sand. (I'm a glutton for punishment.lol) I really like to take advantage of the cooler weather. We'll definitely have more park days, walks, and outdoor activities.

I brought out the video camera and set it up on a tri-pod for the kids to play with today. They spent an hour just hamming it up for the camera until the tape ran out. I just love these tapes! We've done this many times over the years and they are the most fun to watch. We take out the old ones and watch them all the time. Seeing how much the kids have grown is amazing!

I also measured Genevieve on the "measuring stick" today. She has grown about an inch since July!

Really, that's about all we did today. I have to admit that I'm still trying to recover from the weekend and so I've been taking it easy. Well, as easy as you can with 4 kids.lol




Jodi said...

blue sand? That's got me curious? Is it a sand that naturally occurs in your area or was it a fun purchase or craft for the kids?

Sounds like you did a lot really and definitely deserve some recovery time from the whirlwind weekend party planning/party.

Lisa in Jax said...

lol It was an impulse buy at Walmart. The kids thought it would help us to know where to vacuum. Now I have blue carpet.lol

I always feel guilty when I take a break. This baby though, is keeping me from over-doing it. It's like he/she has some plug that he/she pulls and all the energy drains out.lol