Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Today was a low energy day. I've been sore lately, so I'm guessing the baby is growing. I've been taking it easy. The little ones have settled down from the exciting weekend and are back to their usual selves. I received a video I ordered in the mail and the little ones enjoyed watching it. It's called Wee Sing King Cole's Party. My older kids loved this video when they were little, so much so that it wore out. Amazon now sells the DVD, so I bought it. It's a real treasure! Even my older kids were excited when they saw the

It's so nice to have a clean and organized home. I've always wanted one but I am a very cluttered person so it always seemed like something *I* could never have. For some reason, I've just been able to let material things go lately. No more holding on to it "just in case", I just let it go. I've been cleaning each room in cycles. First the room gets a very basic "clean." Then the next time I do that room, I go for less clutter and work through any hot spots. I liberally throw things away or put in my car for Goodwill. Then the next time I go through that room, I go for deep cleaning. Now, that means that I have to keep that room up to whatever level it's at during the week and time that it isn't it's turn but so far it's working. Keeping this house up makes me realize that I don't want a bigger one, I'm stretched thin already. In fact, if I ever move, I think that I'd go for something just a tad smaller. It's nice to have the extra room but the responsiblity is more than I'd like to have with this many small ones. I'd rather spend the time with the kids but I also want to take care of what God has given me.

I bought some fudgesicles last night at Food Lion and gave one to Isaac today in his highchair since he is STILL teething. He loved it so much that we had to move him to the I'll try uploading the picture here, if it doesn't work I'll upload it in a new post...o.k. it worked but put the picture at the top. Good enough for
I was going to take the kids to the park but the older kids wanted to wait until Friday to see if they could finish some subjects up and who can argue with that? So here we I'll take the littles outside to play in a little while once it's cooler and they will be just as
I need to make some goals for this week or nothing major will get done. For one thing, Eric and my anniversary is tomorrow! 15 years, what an amazing, wonderful life I have! I am so thankful for my wonderful dh and all the blessings God has given me over these 15 years. Not everything has been good but everything has worked out for good through our Heavenly Father. I will choose to rest in His arms more for these next 15 years and I will be more thankful for the good times that come along. I will also make sure to look for the good even during the harder times. I have seen God's grace during even the hardest times and I need to make sure that I am thankful and resting in that grace.
Back to
1. buy or make something for dessert for tomorrow
2. buy Eric a card and some dark Chocolate
3. make more ice cream and yogurt
4. go to the park on Friday
5. fix a nice dinner for our anniversary
Well, that's probably all I can do in 2 1/2 days. lol


De'Etta said...

You GO! An organized home is such a great feeling. I am CONSTANTLY decluttering and frankly I'm glad we move every 3 years so that it doesn't have time to collect "to much". LOL

I really like the picture of you and Isaac.

Lisa in Jax said...

Thanks! I'm going!lol The house is looking good and it's just so nice to wake up to it everyday. It takes me just a few minutes each morning to get it in place and then I'm ready for the day. If I have extra time, then I pick an area to work on deeper, if not, then I just maintain what I've done. I guess moving is a big part of getting so much done. Maybe I should plan to move every three Nah, I don't think I could do it. I'd end up throwing everything away and starting

I'm glad you liked the picture! I like how my fat belly was disguised by a big



Jodi said...

Agreed great picture of you and Isaac and also a very cute one of him with the fudgesicle, what a perfect remedy for teething, cold AND chocolate!

Your cleaning/organising system sounds a lot like mine. I cycle through the rooms always and hope to gain a little more ground on each pass through.

Lisa in Jax said...

Yep, we sound a lot alike in our keeping of the house! It's amazing how much can be accomplished just by doing this! I am very new to this whole process but it's really helping and it's so nice to wake up to a clean home.