Thursday, September 28, 2006

Well, the schedule is going great.LOL We've been pretty busy today just trying to keep up with everything. Genevieve's birthday is on Sunday and we are going to get some party supplies from Party City on Saturday and pick up whatever we are getting her for her birthday. It's hard to figure out what she might like this year. She really hasn't outgrown anything, toy-wise and we just bought her new clothes because she all the sudden had a growth spurt, after being in size 3T for 2 years. She couldn't even put her panties on they were so small.LOL We thought about taking her somewhere but she's so young I don't think she'd understand that THAT was her birthday.LOL So we're buying party supplies even though we don't really have any kids to invite and we'll just celebrate it within the family. As for gifts, I have no idea. I've been looking on the internet at different stores but I really don't see anything that she'd play with.

We just got back from the YMCA. The kids take homeschool P.E. there on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Usually, I just go home and wait the hour and go pick them up but today decided to stay and chat with the other moms. Well, the little ones went crazy!lol Isaac thought the water fountain was "magic" and kept running over to it and pushing the bar to make the water appear. Everytime the water appeared he would scream with Let's just say we were a little distractive. I'm guessing I'll need to find a better place to wait for the kids from now on. It's been starting to get a little cooler here. Every week or two we'll have a nice cool front that will take the heat to barely manageable so I'm thinking about this little park that is down the street that might make a nice place to wait. It has no trees so I've been avoiding this particular park but the good park is too far away to get there and back in an hour.

Whew! I guess I'm just rambling. I woke up tired today and am just trying to make it through the day. All the kids have been great today and that really makes my The house is clean, the wash is done, even the little ones are bathed. So in my books, that's a good day!




Jodi said...

Has it cooled down at all? I've been trying as hard as I can to convince the cold weather to visit the south for awhile. i don't know if it's listening but it was not as cold here today, so maybe it was not as hot there?

For Genevieve could you buy something to add on to an existing set that she has?

I don't know if it would be too old for her but my dd loves littlest pet shop, although there are small parts, which you may not want youngers to get into.

I don't know if this will help you for homeschool pe time but I just gave this tip to a mother at Tae Kwon Do who waits with two very active younger sibs. Create a busy box which stays in the van and only comes out in waiting areas. You could put in small toys, paper and crayons, just about anything but the trick is to never bring these toys in the house. They are more special (and thus distracting!) if they are special just for waiting rooms.

Glad to hear that your schedule is going well!

Lisa in Jax said...

Today was the second good day weather wise that we've had! It was an amazing 77 degrees at the park this morning. Thanks for sending the weather to us!

Buying something for an existing set is a good idea. She loves her Playmobil so maybe we'll find something for her with that. I'll check out the Littlest Petshop at TRU this Saturday. I've never heard of it so I don't know if it's a good match or not. Thanks for the idea, though.

See, with the little ones ages, sometimes bringing something can be a double-edged sword. It may just give them more to make a mess with.LOL We can't give Isaac anything small yet. He still thinks everything should get taste-tested before and during play time but I could bring Genevieve something to do. I'm definitely going to look around for stuff at TRU this weekend for in the car and waiting room toys. It's definitely a good idea!

Thanks! This gives me a lot to look for!



Jodi said...

I'm glad it worked re the weather, LOL!

I thought I had remembered that you guys liked playmobil, that was what made me think of Littlest pet shop as Hayley (and the boys too) love both. I REALLY like to add to existing sets too when possible. Like my Mother never knows what to get the kids for Christmas and I will always say lego or playmobil. First she would say didn't I get that last year but now she gets it that they love these things and it's easy for me (since she liks me to shop for her).

Anyway, I'm sure you found just the right thing while browsing. Hope the party was fun!