Saturday, September 09, 2006

My son knows who I am!

LOL I know this sounds funny but for the longest time I've been hoping to hear that wonderful word....Mommy, coming from my littlest one, Isaac. Now for a long, long time he has been able to not only say Daddy but he even KNOWS who that person is! Well, I finally told Eric, my husband, that Isaac doesn't know who I am. At first Eric thought I was joking but after observing him for the whole weekend, he decided to make it his mission to have Isaac be able to identify me, by name. LOL See, whenever you would ask Isaac who I was, he would just point to me and smile. If you asked him "Where's Mommy?" He would look at you like you asked him what's the third planet from the sun? So Eric's been spending a lot of time telling Isaac who I am and every time I'd enter a room he (Eric) would get excited and say "Look, it's MOMMY!" and well, today, I got up and walked into the living room and Isaac said....."Bobby!" LOLOL I'm just so happy that he has finally noticed that I do have a name and that he can now call me! What a blessing my dear husband is.




Anonymous said...

Well BOBBY - congrats! LOL I do understand what you mean.

ALSO - wooHOO 16 weeks....a milestone.


Lisa in Jax said...

Thanks, De'Etta! It's nice to have a name instead of just being pointed at. LOL

And thanks for the congrats. I'm feeling quite pregnant. LOL I have now graduated into my maternity clothes..LOL