Monday, September 11, 2006

Various thoughts...

This weekend was a busy one! Normally, we aren't big going out-ers but we needed to accomplish a few things and pretty much got everything done.

First, we needed to get to Sears because the mattress and box springs we bought from them just last year was breaking down. I could no longer see Eric when I was on my side of the bed. His side was a full 4-5 inches lower than mine. LOL So off we went to Sears, we tried all the beds, which made me have to go to the potty, (LOL) and we decided on the Serta. Now we were very blessed! We just happened to go there on 50% off week! We got a very expensive mattress set for $900 above what we spent on our original set. It comes on Friday! We are very happy and hope that this one lasts.

Next, we looked at their dishwashers but the guy at work was not knowledgable and we didn't feel comfortable buying something from them so on our way home we stopped by Lowes and looked at their dishwashers. See, we were looking for the same dishwasher we had in Miami. It was amazing! It washed everything without prerinsing and it even heated the water if the water temp wasn't hot enough. It was the Maytag Jet Clean 3 and almost no one sells it. It has 3 levels and 4 cleaning jets. Anyway, the Lowes could get it for us and they didn't charge us sales tax and they gave us a $50 gift card. It will be here in about 20 days. I'm very happy! This is the very best dishwasher I have ever had.

Well, I was tired after all the running around and thought we were done but after dinner the kids wanted to go to Walmart and dh loves that place so off we went. I don't usually go on these outings but I needed a few things. Well, they had these cute little toddler beds for $30 and we decided to get Isaac one. Since he's going to be sharing with the new baby for a while we thought this would fit in the room better than a twin bed. We also got him some Tonka bedding for his new bed.

In other news, I am now fat.LOL Yes, it's true. I am now wearing my maternity clothes because I can't squeeze myself into my old fat clothes. I am on the lookout for maternity pants on ebay and am hoping to have a selection before it gets cold here.

On the sick front, most of the kids are still holding on to this illness. It must be a stubborn one. I'm exhausted from the all nighters I've been pulling for 9 days now. All the kids woke up cranky today and I'm thinking about selling them. LOL O.k. maybe not, but I NEED some sleep soon.

I guess that's it for now. I have to admit that I'm having trouble thinking right now.LOL Maybe if I'm good, I'll get a nap today.LOL




Anonymous said...

Sounds like a productive weekend...exhausting but productive.


Lisa in Jax said...


Yes, productive and expensive! Now if only I can keep it up this week. I have so much to do yet with the sick kids it's makes things so much harder.