Thursday, September 21, 2006

It was a busy day! I feel like I've accomplished a lot! I spent the day cleaning out Isaac and Genevieve's rooms. Well, first we went to the park. LOL The kids had a great time and the little ones were able to play with some friends. After the park I started on the little kids rooms. Isaac has been growing so much that it was time to sort through all the clothes and put away the ones that he's out grown. It was so sad to see so many of my favorite outfits being put in a bin for the next baby! He's also out grown two pairs of shoes and I even found a stray bib or two hiding on the changing table.LOL I also went through all the toys and was able to find at least 4 bags to give to Goodwill. I also found 2 bags of trash or broken toys to throw away. His room looks so nice now. Next I worked on Genevieve's room. I organized all of her clothes because she's been putting things away lately and well, it was a mess.LOL I also found a bunch of things that she's outgrown that I put away just in case this one's a girl. I was able to find at least 2 bags for Goodwill and one bag of broken stuff in her room. Most of her things, she's just grown into so mostly it was just organizing and cleaning. My plan is to move Isaac into the "big kid" room when he's around 2.5-3 years old and keep Isaac's current room as a nursery. That way, as he grows out of the toys in his room we'll just move him up to the toys in Genevieve's room. If this new baby's a boy then eventually the boys will share a room but not until they can both have big kid toys.LOL

All in all it was a very productive day. I'm glad that I made the time to go to the park! It was another beautiful day and I would've hated missing it.




Jodi said...

It always amazes me how I can come out of cleaning the kids rooms with at least 1, usually 2 bags of "broken toys, broken clothes and trash" and a couple bags of still good to give away! I'm not entirely sure where all the stuff somes from but it is so nice to clear it out and start fresh again a few times a year.


Lisa in Jax said...

McDonalds! That's where most of our junk comes from.LOL

I've found too, that I'm the one contributing to this mess. I'll see something that I think the little ones will like but then it just sits there collecting dust. I'll feel bad and not want to waste money by giving it away so there it'll sit until finally, I get tired of it and release it to be loved by someone else.LOL