Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My menu for this week, made possible from the wonderful ladies on SHS!


Hot Dogs and chili
Egg and Bacon Biscuits


French Dip sandwiches
BBQ Chicken
Bean soup and cornbread
Potato bar




Jodi said...

Lisa, I will admit this, my kids, 3 of them out of 4 actually LOVE those cheap, quick and easy Ramen Noodles, I don't usually even get the "healthy" version but the 10 for $1 oriental version from W-mart. We save them for not feeling good type days. They usually toss out the "flavor packet" what on earth is in that anyway, LOL, and have the noodles with spagetti sauce or just margarine. I couldn't possible admit that on SHS though ROFLOL, now only those who read your blog will know that even healthy vegetarians buy those Ramen Noodles, I think probably everybody buys them but doesn't admit it VBG. I sure hope that you all are on the mend and that you are getting some rest.

re: your comment on my blog, yes I think you would need a whole year in your new climate to know when a break feels good. We tend to want to be outdoors a lot when spring first arrives here after being cooped up all winter, then late in the summer everyone is getting boreds of the lake and we end up getting a ton of school done.


Lisa in Jax said...

LOL Do you know that I almost left the lunch menu off because I was embarrassed of that Ramen?!? I just decided to be honest and put it on there but it did take me a while to publish it.LOL ALL of my kids love Ramen! We don't eat it often anymore but when I asked the kids what they wanted this week for lunch, it was on the top of the list. I always add a boullion cube or two instead of the mystery packet. I'm glad I'm not the only closet Ramen user.LOL

I think you're right about the year. We just don't know what is a good time. We've heard that "winter" is wet and cold here and, well, that doesn't sound like fun.LOL