Sunday, September 03, 2006

This week went by so fast! It was one of those weeks where you really can't believe that it is all gone.LOL On Thursday, my mom and I went out to lunch at Chick fil a. We had a good time and decided that Friday we would go shopping for a hamper and bath towels for my bathroom. Now you all have to know that I hate shopping. Normally I just get most things from the internet. Running around with a bunch of kids, two of which who just don't mind very well yet is not my cup of tea.LOL BUT it was ME who really wanted to go. This is the very first house that my dh and I have bought that we could actually afford and I really would like to decorate it over time using only avalible funds. So off we went at 10 am with 3 out of four of my kids.(Jon spent the night with his other grandma to help her out because she had cataract surgery.)

First, we went to Tuesday Morning. I found a lot of Christmas presents for the little ones but the hampers were $150 or more! and I just refuse to spend that much on something to store my dirty clothes.LOL We found Playmobil, a little toaster that has pretend toast that pops up, and a little washing machine that really washes doll clothes. I also bought myself an ice cream machine, mandoline, and a yogurt maker. I didn't care for their towels so we moved on.

Next, we went to lunch at Golden Corral. I was far too hungry to continue shopping.LOL We ate until we were stuffed. Enough said.LOL

After lunch, we went to TJ Max. I found some cute little embrodered jeans for Genevieve and a few more toys for Christmas, no hampers or towels.LOL

I was beginning to feel like this was hopeless.LOL I almost called it quits but then spied the Bed Bath and Beyond and decided to make a last ditch effort and check them out. Well, they had exactly what I was looking for! I got a blue hamper and choc. brown, beige, cream, and blue checked towels for the towel racks. Very me and very nice! I was so pleased that I actually accomplished my goal!LOL I had a good time with mom and the kids were great. Isaac ended up falling asleep in the van on the way home and Genevieve went home with mom.

Well, we made ice cream yesterday after dinner and I think that the kids felt it was a little too rich. I think that I may cut down on the fat content and see if it is better. I like that I feel confident enough with my cooking skills to change a recipe without worrying if I'll mess it up. I remember how I was when I first got married, I never would have even thought that you could change a recipe.LOL Now I just think, hmm, this might be better with this instead of that. I guess that's either confidence or recklessness but either way it works.LOL

Well, that's it for this week. I'll post a picture of my new bath towels later. I'm going to go finish watching tennis.




Jodi said...

The hamper and towels look so pretty, good choice! I don't really like shopping either so can relate. At least you got some of your christmas shopping done while searching for the hamper!

Lisa in Jax said...

Thanks Jodi! I've always been decorating challenged, so it's great that I was able to figure this out.LOL I'm thinking of getting some big square chunky candles for around the tub and a few little pictures for the walls. Hopefully, this will give me the confidence I need to tackle a bigger room.LOL