Thursday, April 19, 2007

Today was a good The baby was good. No screaming like a miniature Wookie for hours on end. (Think Star

My two that we call Mischief and Mayhem were unable to do "either."

The house is clean and tidy even as I type And everyone little is asleep. What a blessing a good day can be to a tired, worn-out woman!lolol I NEEDED a day like today.

I was able to look through the math curriculum and I'm impressed. We will start it on Monday and hopefully the kids will take off with it. We need to make some headway in this subject.

I made the casserole and forgot to put salt in Needless to say it really didn't go over too well. That's what they get for making a sleep deprived mom make them I think that they would all agree that if I'd remembered the seasonings, it would have been edible.lolol

Let's see, I guess this week has been pretty boring. Allison went ballroom dancing tonight. Eric was so sweet and took EVERYONE with him, even the screaming wookie baby, to drop her off and I got a break. Not only that but it seems to have interrupted the screaming session and the baby decided to sleep I think I see many car rides in her

I took Jon to get gas for the lawn mower this afternoon. He's hoping to drum up some business this summer mowing lawns. He's saving up for a Nintendo Wii. I think it'll be good for him to earn his own money. We already pay him to do our lawn, which he did today and he does a good job. He's very excited. He's always been an entrepreneur at heart and I'm sure that this will be just the start of his business making ideas. I'm proud of him for wanting to work for what he wants.

Well, I'm going to take advantage of the early night and go to Boy, I'm just a barrel of fun aren't I?lolol




Debbie said...

Lisa, I'm so glad you had a good day today. Even just one good day can make so much difference.

gr8tful4grace said...

Lisa, I've been praying for you. I'm so glad that God gave you a good day. Even a little break goes a long way... ~Yvonne

Queen Bee said...

I'm quite impressed that you were able to tackle understanding a new curriculum while tending to a newborn. I couldn't do that! GOOD JOB, mom!

Southern Belle said...

If you have problems with MUS just post a ? on the SHS board or better yet, call MUS! They are TERRIFIC! My reps (the Angle's, whom I love!), I have called them MANY times with questions. They are so gracious. But then again, even though we have moved (different rep according to area online), we will NEVER use a different rep. We LOVE them (they have 9 children). Glad they are doing well! Glad you had a good day. You deserved it my friend!

Beth in GA

Lisa in Jax said...

Thank you all! It was a good day and I am truly thankful.


I do love a new curriculum. I guess I'm a major

Thanks Beth! I think it was mostly user error and I spent some time looking through the program this morning and I think I know what I need to do with Jon. I will call them if things don't get better now that I know they are so good at taking care of their customers! Thanks!

Jodi said...

I just read through the last few posts. Glad to hear that a couple gates and keeping diet baby friendly is helping.

Cute about Jon being an entrepenuer at heart, that is so my 3rd child. He is always tring to come up with ideas to make money. Twice he tried to have his own little yard sale or soft drink sale in front of the house. His only problem is that we are very rural and the mailman, the most frequent passer by isn't usually in the mood to buy a craked mug or a broken toy. LOL

I hope that things coninue to get easier and that the math goes well.