Monday, April 23, 2007

Today has been a good day. The baby hasn't been sleeping too well but God has been so good to help me feel ready for the day anyway. I woke to Evie tip-toeing through my room and got up quickly and shooed her out. I was able to fix everyone breakfast before the baby woke and then get the wash sorted. I've been doing wash ever since and it's almost done.

Because of the gates, I was able to straighten and clean all the kid-areas quickly and vacuum them. I think it only took 15 minutes! Afterwards, I got Evie started in some preschool and Jon started in his MUS. It went much better today! I'm thinking it was just Friday inattentiveness that caused the problems. I did find that he really wasn't understanding Algebra at all and basically is starting over again. What a waste of time the other program was! I'm glad that he is finally getting this. We need to move on!LOL

Once the baby went down for her nap, Allison started her math. Now this is the biggest improvement to me. She really understands and likes this program! Her biggest problem now is trying to make the problems harder than they really are.LOL I'm proud of her!

While she worked, I cleaned my bathroom and then took Isaac to the grocery store with me. I asked Allison to finish her math, then clean her bathroom unless the baby woke up. Everything was done when I got home and Jon did some of the Ancient Egypt kit from with Evie while I was gone. Publix had whole chickens on sale for $.79 a pound so that's what's for dinner tonight. I bought 4 of them for the freezer too. I have a few more loads of laundry and need to clean the kitchen floor but basically I'm done!

Who knew that something as simple as two gates would make such a difference! The kids are starting to get some school work done and I'm thinking in a week or two, we'll be up to a full course load day. I'm going to take it slow though, I don't want to crash and burn by taking on too much, too soon.



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Queen Bee said...

Glad the gates worked! WHOO HOO!! I remember you had LOTS of gates at your other house when we visited.