Thursday, April 05, 2007

Here's the latest photo of Sophia. She is starting to heal up from her acne but still looks

This is her favorite position. Too bad we can't figure out how to put her down in this position.LOL It's been one very long day starting on Sunday and it's still going on. I'm beginning to resent my happy, well-rested morning person dh, who cheerfully greets Sophia and I at dawn every morning right before he leaves for work. I bet if he took the night shift he wouldn't be so cheery. lol Really, it should be against the law to be that cheerful in the morning. So
I'm beginning to feel like I'll never be able to get this house in order. I get a room clean, go to feed Sophia, come back and the littles have crumbled playdough into the carpet, knocked a drink over, sprinkled toys like some kind of toy fairies all over for good measure and when I ask who made the mess they all deny even going into that room today.LOLOL I think I need about 100 more gates. I could gate off every single room and put one kid in each


De'Etta said...


You've entered the Twilight Zone of'll be on the other side of the tunnel within a few months or so.

Hang in there. She's a doll. Can you get the younger ones who you know must have a working relationship with the toy fairie to help you pick up the play dough etc?

Regardless.....let the house slip a bit if it must, get as much rest as you can.....nurturing that doll is more important than having a picture perfect home right now.

Kelly said...

Lisa, she is adorable! Oh, I miss snuggling those little, sweet smelling babies. I do pray you get some rest.

That problem of "not me" does not go away! Yesterday, I asked each of my boys who took my Newsboys Adoration cd out of the cd player. Nobody did it. So, I said, "Since nobody did it, you can all give me 1/3 of the cost to replace it OR find it in the next 15 min." It turned up right quick LOL.

Lisa in Jax said...

LOL You both know just the right things to say. Thank you! I'm not sure I'm going for perfect- not squishing playdough between my toes would be nice

We are working towards locking the toys up so that I can manage them better and hopefully things will be better then. Free access isn't working.lolol

Kristine said...

I can remember putting one of my kids to sleep in the car seat for several weeks. They liked to sleep sitting up. I just can't remember WHICH baby it was, lol!

Berry Patch said...

My youngest son had major baby acne - he looked a lot like Sophia, Lisa. :-) It was nice when it finally all cleared up. BTW, my last two children spent the first three months sleeping in a baby swing. It was fantastic! :-) Even the baby I watched for a while loved it. Thanks to my MIL I had a nice one that worked wonders. This too will pass & you'll realize it wasn't all that bad. Hindsight is great isn't? :-)

Lisa in Jax said...

Kristine and Lisa,

You both were lucky that they allowed you to put them This one has quite the sense of

Queen Bee said...

Ouch.. the acne looks so itchy. I hope she's all over it by now.

Gates can be a good thing. I think you and I are alike in that I can't function very well with clutter so I know what you mean about being frustrated when so many things seem to be out of control... Maybe the gates would work.

And, as for the sleeping position. Our youngest slept in his car seat for a good 3 months, I'm sure. He also liked to sleep slumped over.