Thursday, December 07, 2006

Yesterday was a The kids and I celebrated my good test results by going to lunch with my mom and brother at Golden Corral. We ate until we ate too The littles got restless towards the end and, I again, felt like I was in the middle of a circus. The littles do not have very good manners as of yet. I do realize that Isaac had spent most of his day in the car or at the doctors or in a high chair, so I'm guessing that it was very hard to sit there any longer for a little guy his age. Evie, on the other hand, had no

After lunch, I took everyone home in hopes of getting SOMETHING done but that was not to be. When we got home, I realized I wasn't feeling too well. I'm guessing it was the shot but I progressively began to feel worse and worse. I ended up taking a much needed nap but really didn't feel any better afterwards. I woke an hour later and began dinner prep since it was pot roast and it needed to cook for a couple of hours. I really felt miserable but the older kids were great and really helped me out. Dinner was really good and afterwards Eric and I took a walk with the littles. It was a warmer night and since we've been having really cold nights lately we wanted to take advantage of the better weather. Good thing, too. The weather today has been MUCH colder and tonight is supposed to be freezing. Yuck! We are sooo not used to

Today has been good. I spent most of the day re-evaluating the kids school and making some changes to what we're doing. I've also added an incentive for this half of the year. There were some pretty pricey items on the kids Christmas lists that Eric and I have decided are just too expensive at this time so I added in bonuses for finishing certain subjects early. We'll see how this works but we've got a very difficult next half of the year and would really like for them to be working HARD. I figure I'll save the money each month and if they meet the goals, then I'll have it available, but if they don't meet the goals, I'll put the money towards my new

Evie was up most of the night last night. She has a cold. I am deperately hoping that it'll stop with Of course, the two littles were sharing a recorder last night so I'm doomed.lolol

I guess that's all for now. I have to take Jon to PE now and the littles are going nuts right




Jodi said...

My kids act up when they've been in the van for a long time too. Maybe Isaac's mood was rubbing off on Evie.

I think your reward system for kids meeting goals is a good one. If they stay on track it's one less thing for you to need to think about in late pregnancy or with a newborn.

De'Etta said...

ARGH!!!! Didn't the recorders seem like a great idea????? I've been watching in horror as *my* littles pass the recorders around amongst themselves.....mybe the pharmaceutacals, the AMA and the recorder industry are in this's a plot against sleep-deprived, over-worked mothers.....of the world....

Lisa in Jax said...


You're right, she was probably feeding off of the excess energy of her younger

I really hope this reward system works. I'm not a big fan of bribary but I'm feeling the crunch of having a new baby and them maybe just stopping their work and really we can't afford for that to happen. Allison is in highschool and she HAS to finish, baby or


It must be a plot. They LOOK innocent enough, but really it's an evil germ warfare device. Isaac has already fallen as the next victim and I'm sure that I'm

Queen Bee said...

LOL! You ladies have taken away any guilt I might have had about recorders going unused around here (LOL)!

Lisa in Jax said...

Unless you have some sort on anti-bacterial wash that you can dip them in, say every 5 minutes or so, I'd skip the germ dispersal