Saturday, December 02, 2006

The past few days were Thursday was spent helping my parents put up their Christmas tree. The kids had a lot of fun but it got to be a pretty late night for the littles. Isaac ended up asleep in a big recliner and Evie ate so much junk that I wasn't sure she would ever sleep again. It was nice to spend the time over there and mom made her famous fried chicken so the baby and I were very

Friday was the dreaded glucose test day. Mom called and offered to watch the kids while I was gone and I was grateful not to have to worry about the kids being here alone. I went for the test at 10:30 but they wouldn't see me since it was too close to their lunch break, they said I could come back at 1 or another day. I almost decided to just wait but figured I'd hang in there a little longer. I went home and my mom hadn't picked up the kids yet and the littles were really running amok! How amok you say? Well, my 5 pound sugar bowl is still I've looked in every room and it's no where to be found. Who knows where Evie put it. My mom picked up the kids around 12:30 and they went to lunch and then to the store to buy cookie making supplies. I went to the test. Yuck! I feel like Jax is in the dark ages. I actually had to drink the old fashioned nasty uncarbonated orange syrup. Down in Miami they have the carbonated form and it is much better. It was a very stressful hour but I'm hoping that I passed anyway. I'll let you all know when I find out.

After the test, I went to mom's house to watch everyone bake cookies. They had such a blast! Evie has never made the old fashioned, roll them out, sugar cookies. She just loved the cookie cutters and putting the sprinkles on. Every cookie was given more than it's fair share of sprinkles.LOL My dad declared them the best he's had in ages. He loves the sprinkles but mom is usually a little less exuberant.LOL They made chocolate chip, sugar, and peanut butter with kisses on top. Very unfeingold but very

After the cookies were done, we came home. I wasn't feeling that great and really needed to lie down. Jon made dinner for me, what a blessing and after dinner we went to take a walk but it was raining so Eric and I loaded the littles into the van and took them to Kohl's to walk I got a new sweater and a cute baby outfit for the new one and the littles each got a small toy each. Evie got a Dora playdough set and Isaac got a Thomas train. Each were over half off. I also bought a new doormat for the back door, it was over half off and we got two stuffed animals with flannel blankets for $10 each. I think I'll save those as gifts for friends. Oh and I got Eric a new dress shirt. He's been in need for a while.

After that long day, I passed out by 9pm and poor Eric stayed up with the littles until they finally fell asleep. Isaac had had a nap at mom's and he stayed up until 12am and Evie was down by 10.

I guess that's been my last couple of days. I never did get to make that salad dressing but I will before

Oh and the kids have declared that the van is too small for us all. I'm a little disappointed but I think I can still use it during the week when Eric's at work and it's just the six of us. Allison can sit up front and Jon in the middle w/the baby and Isaac and Genevieve can get the whole back row to




QueenBee said...

You may change your mind on the vehicle after the baby arrives... I know you don't like to drive the bigger vehicle, but I sure do... I have plenty of room for everything and anything (LOL)!

I hope your test comes out ok and I'm really hoping to make some cookies this year... cutouts.. .we haven't done them for a VERY LONG time and I keep reminding myself that this is probably our oldest's last year at home so we better do anything like this that I want to do one last time before she isn't here anymore... sigh....

Lisa in Jax said...

My only beef with the tank is that it doesn't have as much trunk space and I'll be needing the double stroller for a while and I know it doesn't Also, I'm not sure how in shape I'll be for climbing around getting little ones in right after I have her. It's really tall off the ground and it would mean actually climbing in as opposed to just swinging the little one in while standing on the ground. I don't always have help and I don't want to be changing cars for different occasions all the

Make those cookies! Your little ones will thank Allison had a great time also. Remember, that your dd isn't moving to Egypt or something, so I'm guessing she'll still come around and do some of the fun stuff. At least that'll be my prayer for you. I think you mentioned that she just wants to move into town, right? Allison also doesn't have plans for a far away college or anything and I'm thankful. Jon, on the other hand wants to go either to MIT or CAL Tech. I'll miss

De'Etta said...

Glad your test is over!!!! Praying the results are good. when do you see the new doc?

Lisa in Jax said...

Thanks, De'Etta! I am too. I see the new dr on Dec.18 but I have to see the old dr on Wed. the 6th. I was told to keep all appt's until I see the new dr and, really, I feel better knowing everything is going well even if it means I have to see him one more

I hope your littles are feeling better and I hope you're getting some sleep!

Emily said...

I always dreaded that test too. I always felt naucious afterwards. It sounds like the kids had a great time making cookies. I also want to try the cutout ones this year. It's been at least 3 years since I have made those with the kids. You might have just motivated me to break out the cookie cutters!

Lisa in Jax said...

LOL Hey, don't blame me. My mom is the one who did all the work. I was extremely