Saturday, December 30, 2006

Nothing too exciting We spent most of yesterday getting oil changes for all of our vehicles and running all the errands that we've been holding off on until after Christmas but before Eric goes back to work. Our little ones are finally feeling better and everyone else is healthy for a rare change.LOL

Today, we went to my mom's house and helped to take down all their Christmas trees and decorations. Afterwards, everyone except Allison, Jon, and my dad went to Chick-fila for lunch since it's been raining and it's one of the only places that has an indoor play area. The big kids went skating like they do every Saturday. After lunch, which included Isaac punching a hole in his rootbeer and having it slowly leak into his lap while he kept saying "Uh-Oh!" over and over and us not being able to figure out what was wrong until we looked at the floor under him, mom took Evie to Walmart while we took the sticky wet boy

I found out this morning that we will be having some relatives over to visit tomorrow and instead of the usual panic, I feel pretty confident. This is such an amazing feeling! I am really enjoying the freedom that having a clean home has given me. It used to be that something like this would not be a welcome announcement but now I can easily see what needs to be straightened right before they get here and everything else is ready. The big things have already been done and will continue to be done as needed. All that I'll need to take care of are little things like picking up the toys that the littles drag out or the few things that still need to be taken care of in Evie's room.

My hope is to play one of the new games the kids got for Christmas tonight after dinner if the older kids aren't too tired. It should be a nice time.




Debbie said...

Sounds like a nice day...except for the sticky rootbeer part...yuck!

We need to take our tree down, but we put it up late, so I am reluctant to let it go this year.

What a wonderful feeling to be having company and not stressed out. I am not there yet. With the arrival of the new kids, our house is overrun with clothes and extra "stuff". I'm still trying to corral it all and make some order out of it.

De'Etta said...

**visit tomorrow and instead of the usual panic, I feel pretty confident**

YES - Wonderful to hear.

Lisa in Jax said...

LOL Thanks Debbie,

I would keep the tree for a while longer. If we hadn't put ours up so early we would've kept ours for a while yet. It just looked soooo bad by

I found the neatest thing at Walmart for the younger kids clothing. They are these 2 drawer Rubbermaid bins that hold a lot of clothing. Each bin is 2 foot deep, 1 foot wide and 1 foot high and slide, one on top of the other, into a base. I'll take a photo if you want since I seem to be clear as mud, just let me know.LOL Each of these 2 drawer bins can stack on top of each other if need be but I've found one of these for each child is enough. I also bought 2 for me and put them into my closet and got rid of my dresser so that my room has more room for the baby stuff.


It is nice to have this area under control. Our guests have decided to come tomorrow and so today I just did my usual stuff and will save the picking up for before they come over. It's a true blessing.