Monday, December 11, 2006

I've been running at warp speed the last couple of days. So much so, that I'm just about too tired to post. This is one of those weeks where I'm not even sure WHEN I'll be able to do my grocery shopping much less WHAT we'll be In other words, you're on your own.lolol

Yesterday I completed ALL of my Christmas shopping! I did some on-line, some in Target, and some in Walmart. Genevieve is receiving one of those Baby Alive dolls from my parents for Christmas and the deal was for DH and I to buy the accessories. Of course, it was nearly impossible to find any but finally I found them at Walmart. She should really like it, I I can't tell you what I bought for anyone else because the older kids like to read my blog.

Today I spent at my moms baking cookies and Stollen (a fruit-studded bread). I was supposed to get up early, go to the grocery store and get our groceries for the next couple of days. Then come home and get some laundry done.lolol Of course, Isaac was up many times last night and finally I got up at 5am but was so tired by 7 that I decided to lay down for "just a minute." I woke at 9am!!!! Isaac was petting my head.lolol At least he wasn't licking me like a So that meant that groceries had to wait but I was able to throw a dark load with the kids football clothes in the wash before we left. We had a good time baking and mom fed us dinner so things worked We just got home and I am now drying the dark load and am hoping that the load is dry before the kids play-off game tonight at 7:30. If they win this game then they'll play again on Thursday and if they win that game, they'll play a final game on Friday. OH! the kids team won 2 out of 3 games on Saturday! Allison played for all the games and Jon only played for one. He ended up with Isaac's cold and just didn't feel well enough for more than one game. We kept an eye on Allison during the games and her knee held up just fine with the brace. I am now sporting the same cold that has been passed down from one to another like some kind of generational treasure and am hanging in there so far.lolol

Well, that's what's up at our house. We have a Christmas party tomorrow and then I'll head to mom's to finish up the cookies. We have the sugar cookies in the fridge, but ran out of time and energy to do them today. Hopefully, I'll have the chance to go shopping tomorrow but it looks like we'll be surviving off of leftovers til Wednesday. At least we have the basics.lolol I will say that we'll be having split pea soup for dinner tomorrow night and that we'll have homemade pizza for lunch. I have all ingredients on hand for that.lolol I will also be cooking breakfast since we're low on convience foods, like cereal. I have plenty of pancake makings though, so don't think the kids'll




Kristine said...

Lisa, Wow, congratulations on finishing your shopping! I don't know if I've ever been that on top of things!

Queen Bee said...

You should see if they have one of those Dinner's Served places near you... it's WELL worth the extra couple of $$'s that it costs over buying it and making it all at home! I use those meals for days like you've just had or will have or when you can't get to the store.

Congrats on the GAME!

We're still debating about baking some cookies... we might! If I can get things caught up around here enough to spend another day baking... if not, our Gingerbread Train wil have to be sufficient for this year (LOL)!

I bet it feels good to have all the shopping done. I've been nearly done for quite awhile... hope to finish this week!

Lisa in Jax said...


Thanks! It was a BIG push but I am really starting to run down and needed to have everything finished before I started falling I'm usually done by Thanksgiving but this year really snuck up on me.


I WISH we had one of those!!! I love to do once a month cooking but just can't stand that long anymore. I think this is something that would be wonderful around here.

Allison was very excited about the games. I'll update how the play-offs went shortly.(not

You know that Pillsbury sells all ready made sugar cookie dough, you could just skip to the fun Buy lots of sprinkles and let them enjoy!lol

It does make me feel better knowing that everything is done. I've not been feeling too well and it's a relief that things are starting to wind down for us and I'll be able to just enjoy the season instead of running around

Emily said...

Oh you are so lucky to have it all done! I am about half way finished.