Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Well, not too much happening here today. I've spent most of the day on the computer ordering Christmas gifts and such. I also made homemade pizza for lunch. I've also fielded the question, "can I open another advent box?", every 15-20 minutes from the beginning of the day today.LOL Evie's driving me crazy. I think that giving a child who doesn't understand time an Advent Calendar should be some sort of Ancient Chinese torture method for parents. I'm still hanging in there for now, but I may just go ahead and let her open them all and spend this time enjoying the thing instead of torturing her and me all Christmas long.lol

Isaac found and was wearing his Advent calendar yesterday. LOL It was soooo funny! It is a cardboard house with chocolates hiding in little paper doors and he put the whole thing on his head and was running around unable to see where he was going.lol I'm amazed that he didn't knock himself out running into a wall or something. I guess my life really is a circus sometimes...lol

I ran out of steam yesterday and will now begin the last chore that I didn't finish or start yesterday, ironing. Yuck. LOL I really don't mind, but really couldn't stand any longer yesterday so today it will be done.




Jodi said...

The advent box does sound like torture. I have to admit that I too would be tempted to let her open them all and get it over with, that was my thought before I read the whole paragraph. I'm not the most pateint person in the world with that type of thing. Sounds like you got alot accomplished the last couple days.

Nice football pictures.

Kristine said...

I'm always pleased by the THOUGHT that ordering online will save me time. But it ends up taking hours! It's never that easy!

I mailed out most of my Christmas cards today and later realized it's only December 5. THAT was a great feeling! Two years ago, I mailed them the week of Christmas!

Lisa in Jax said...


It HAS been torture. Learn from my mistakes.LOL


I've never gotten the cards out this early before but I am SO excited to be done with this.lol

As for the shopping, you're right it takes about the same amount of time but for me it's worth it if I don't have to take all four kids out and actually do all that WALKING. Now if this baby was ready to be born, then I'd do the walking...lol

Queen Bee said...

Have you seen this spray stuff that you can use instead of ironing. I was surprised that it actually works. It's called DOWNY WRINKLE RELEASER. Our dd found this product and now she doesn't have to iron her scrubs (LOL)! I rarely iron anything except on Sunday mornings. I don't envy you with a big pile of laundry to iron.

Lisa in Jax said...

I do wish we could use something like this but unfortunately, we are ALL allergic to anything that you put on clothes.lolol Tide-free is all we can stand, otherwise we end up with hives.ugh.

Queen Bee said...

ok... well I guess it won't work then. Sorry! Maybe you can somehow convince yourself that ironing is fun? Can you multitask while ironing? Em and I have hit on a new thing... She works (dishes or laundry or whatever else) while I read to her! That way we're making progress on two fronts at the same time! Maybe you can convince one of your kids to iron and you can sit with your feet up and read to them (LOL)!

Lisa in Jax said...

It's funny that you mentioned that! My dd loves to iron and ended up doing it for me. She's loves the time alone with the Gospel Channel.LOL

For the record though, I do not mind ironing.lol My only problem is that I will not iron in the same room as the littles, so that makes it harder to schedule. My littles are far too impulsive to be near an iron.lolol