Monday, December 18, 2006

This weekend went by fast! I can't believe that it's already Monday and that the little ones will be awake soon. We started Saturday with a football party. The kids season is over and this is where they pass out the trophies and just have fun. They really had a good time! Eric and I dropped them off and then went in search of shoes for Isaac. Somehow, his Robeez puppy shoes went missing and before we left for the party we tore the house a part looking for them. I know that I should have an extra pair laying around but these shoes are expensive and so I've been getting along just fine with one pair. Well, Saturday is the day that my mom wanted to take the littles to her church's train exhibit and I didn't want her to have a bare-footed baby to haul around so off we went hoping to just buy him a pair of regular shoes for the day. We went to Payless and TRIED to convince the little guy that these shoes are FUN.LOL You would have thought that we tied concrete blocks to his feet a were trying to make him walk the plank.LOL He made such a scene that it was quite embarassing. Oh well. It was a wasted effort and there was no way I was going to put those things on his feet and then give him to my poor unsuspecting Well, by then it was time to pick the kids up from their party so that they could go roller skating with my dad. We dropped them off at my parents house and explained the whole shoe thing and that's when Allison reminds us that she saw a sign for Robeez in a gift shop 20 minutes away. Off Eric, Isaac, and I went to find this elusive "gift shop."lol We realized at this point that we were starving so stopped at Larry's Giant Subs for lunch and then I got to go up and ask the ladies working there if they knew where The Loop was located. lol (Allison could only tell us that it was by The Loop, a pizza place) Yes, folks. The big fat pregnant women was enlisted to ask where yet another restaurant was right after they watched me wolf down a Philly Cheese Steak sub all by myself. I'm sure we can picture just what they all were

We found the gift shop and sure enough! They had the shoes. Boy was I happy! We bought two pair (blue cross trainers and green froggies with the blue background) since I from now on wanted a spare and spied the most adorable little tea sets that they had on display for little girls. They came in these little wicker baskets with everything you need to have the perfect little tea party. They had a little china tea pot, cups, saucers, plates, spoons, a cream and sugar set, and it all fit into this beautiful little basket. Now I was expecting it to be too expensive but when we checked, the price was only $26! Needless to say, Evie will be receiving one for Christmas. She LOVES having tea parties and this was just impossible to pass up. We bought the one with a white wicker basket and white tea set with pink roses on it. Very adorable.

We got back to mom's just in time to eat I had asked mom to make her famous fudge for me sometime and while we were gone she just whipped it right up! She gave us two plate fulls to bring home and I've been working on them ever Mom invited us to go with her to see the trains and since Isaac was getting a little crabby from all the running around we decided, sure! Why not. Now I have to say that Isaac has to be the BIGGEST fan of trains that I've ever seen. He has four different sets in his possession and spends almost all his time playing with them. He was so excited when he saw the train exhibit that we ended up staying over an hour watching him watch the trains. Everytime the trains would come around he would shake with excitement and scream Choo-choo! with such happiness that no one could resist laughing at his antics.lolol He did this for a full hour and would have continued standing there watching those trains for even longer if we had stayed. Evie on the other hand was not as impressed and was ready to go after 10 minutes.lolol It brought such joy to my heart to see that little guy so happy. I'm so thankful that I went! Once we left, Isaac fell asleep in the car. He was What a day!

Sunday came along and Eric and I decided to try a new church. I tried my MIL's church for over a month and it really didn't seem like a good fit for the littles. We just can't have them in the nursery and it was just too loud with the full live band for both of them handle. We found a church of our denomination not 7 minutes away that we decided to try. It was wonderful. The pastor has little boys and was so good at speaking over children that even when one was crying you could hear him plain as day. There were many kids in the service from babies to teens and it was not distracting at all. What a blessing! After the service, just about the whole congregation came to welcome us! I think that we've found a place after all this time. We usually give a place at least a month before we decide anything but I can't see needing to look any farther. They are the most active church I've ever seen and they aren't big either. They gave us their newsletter and they have something going on everyday of the week except Mondays.lolol They have a lot of kids and teens bible studies to choose from and they seem to be more focused on those types of things then just a youth group where they hang out. We are going to bring the older kids next week to see what they think. I'm praying that they will want to come with us but will respect their decision if they want to stick with grandma's church. They've been uprooted quite a bit over this past year and I really don't want to make them change. I know that it's a blessing to grandma that they go with her but it would be nice to have all my kids in the same

After church, Eric wasn't feeling too well. He's caught the cold that we've been passing around for the past 2 weeks or so. I left him at home and did our grocery shopping. I have my first doctor's appt today with my new doctor and really didn't want to have a bunch of running around to do in addition to that. I have to admit that I'm a little, ok, a lot nervous about seeing a new doctor so close to my due date. I've been praying that this man will be the answer to my prayers and that I'll get a clear-cut view of whether changing will be in my best interest or not. If you all could pray for me today, I'd be grateful.

Tonight and last night I didn't get any sleep. Isaac hasn't been sleeping too well lately and, well, to tell the truth, Eric's been snoring so loud that I can't sleep. Usually, it doesn't bother me but since I have to go potty every couple of hours each night, every time I wake up, it takes me twice as long to fall asleep. By 3-4 am, I can't sleep anymore even though I'm exhausted. I really don't know what to do but this just isn't good for me. I've also been doing too much throughout the day lately. I know it's my fault. I need to delegate more but I also feel like most of the things I do are my responsibility and I hate asking for help.lolol I haven't been feeling too well lately and I know that if things don't change, I could end up on bedrest. I think that a family meeting may be in our near future.

Well, that's the weekend, recapped for you all. It was a good weekend. Eric is going to be off from work for 12 days starting on Thursday this week! I'm so thankful that he is able to take this time off and spend time with us. I'm also thankful that I don't have anything other than spending time with the kids on my list of things to do this week. I'm hoping to enjoy this week as stress-free as possible.




Jodi said...

That's great that you may have found a new church!

Lisa in Jax said...

I am praying that this church will be a real blessing. I would love to have some friends around