Tuesday, December 12, 2006


lol The kids lost their game last night. It was a tough game and the other team was one that they played in double overtime with last time they met, so it was a nail-biter. The kids played great and had a good time anyway. I'm sort of thankful that it's all over. It means that we can have a nice break.

The kids had their homeschool pe holiday party today and they had a lot of fun. They played games and ate lots of sweets.lol

During the party, I brought the littles home and let them play in the back yard while I focused on the current state of the house. What a mess! I know that you all couldn't handle seeing what a real mess looks like so I didn't take pictures.lolol Well, I worked most of the time that they were gone and by the time I picked them up the kitchen was clean, almost all the laundry is washed and put away, I cleaned the great room and vacuumed it, I cleaned the dining room up from this mornings pancake mess and lunch fiasco, and cleaned my room. My home now looks like a home instead of a disaster area! I was so thankful for the energy to do all this! When the kids got home, they were quite impressed and thankful that they didn't have to help.lolol Don't worry, they did have some things to do, but really, I tried to take care of the bigger things myself. I had Jon vacuum the dining room and clean the library and Allison clean the bar off between the kitchen and great room and also clear out a basket of toys that has been collecting for some time.

After we were all done, I paired Allison up with Genevieve to wrap some gifts. Evie's been dying to wrap gifts and finally she got her wish.lol After Allison has wrapped her gifts for everyone, then I'll have Jon help Evie with her gift to Allison. The girls and I also worked on the baskets for our neighbors. We made movie baskets for them. I bought movie candy and chocolate at Target, popcorn, and all the supplies and we'll add in a gift certificate to blockbuster to finish it off. I also included our Christmas card. I think they turned out great!

We'll be having our split pea soup tonight for dinner with french bread and salad. I was also able to make a menu since I had some extra time this morning. I'll post it next. I was supposed to go to mom's to finish up the baking but mom needed to cancel and I think we both were a little relieved.lol We'll finish those cookies tomorrow.

I guess that's it! Have a great week!



De'Etta said...

Your soup sounds sooooo good. I am wishing I could stay home tonight and have soup...but this is the last Bible Study of the year....so I should show up....I suppose. ::snort::

I just posted photos of our bags. I LOVE this idea. This is my favorite gift to give yet. LOL

Lisa in Jax said...

I was! We love soup here and now that we get cooler weather we have it a whole lot more. I hope you enjoyed your last study. You could always have soup tomorrow.lol

I really think these are the best gifts!